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Better Dropshipping with US Products and better Suppliers

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I downloaded this app and within minutes I found their products listed on ETSY. The price in Productpro was cheaper, but the ETSY seller was offering Free shipping to her customers versus forcing mine to either pay $11.28 or order $60 worth of merch.

You are trading margin for speed with this app which is not easy to do in a dropshipping model as margins are already thin enough. Definitely not impressed enough yet to pay $100 bucks.

OMG I ♥ This! Shop

I decided to try to find some of the suppliers of the products they have listed and guess what I found? They are all Shopify dropshippers too! So we are dropshipping for other dropshippers? For example: Arte Pillows and South of Memphis. I can't trust this.



These clowns have YET to get a SINGLE ORDER right. Their suppliers either send false tracking numbers, or whatever item they feel like whether or not it was actually ordered.

I have several other apps that connect AliExpress suppliers that do a much better job WITHOUT MESSING UP THE ORDER OR EXCUSES!!!



Product Pro is attempting to charge my account multiple times even though I have deleted their app. I have sent several emails to customer service and haven't got a response back. The only response I got back was a payment declined where they are trying to charge me again. I will not be bullied into using this app. Their products are overpriced and hard to make a decent profit on.

Sabre Luxury Accessories

If you click on the vendor/supplier it doesn't go to the vendors products to narrow the items down to that vendor...the video says its supposed to...
The Filtering is horrible....
Also the margins should include the shipping to make it easier to tell if the product is even worth looking at...because the margin with adding in shipping aren't even close to the margin it not really a margin since it doesn't actual account for all costs for that product. Can you add in a filter that accounts for that since 1/2 of the products I looked up had a profit of less than $5.00 adding in shipping?
I can't even add products? What is the trial for? If I can't test the app to see if I want it why would I risk paying $15 with so many products with margins so low. Some have ok margins, but I still need to know whether those items will sell by running ads and marketing...
There is a reason people use Aliexpress....I had hoped your app would have enough benefits to outweigh the reduced profits of shipping from vendors in the US. I expected the prices would be higher, which they are, but the prices plus shipping make the margins almost non-existent....
I had high hopes for this....if you are going to use US suppliers, just google them and find the ones willing to dropship, there are plenty of them that I have found doing Amazon FBA...

Ssaw It

Did a test purchase and never received goods from one of the suppliers. Apparently they couldn't get in touch with them, the other has taken over 4 weeks after chasing up the supplier, which means that they are not vetting suppliers properly. Also agree with other reviews that the UI is bad and hard to search for products and overall its slow.


I like some of the products but they have a huge problem right now with their website and adding all the products. It is slower than an old man, it takes forever to just add one product and then you have to wait another minute. This has been going on for weeks. I tried contacting support and no one has gotten back to me. Considering deleting this app if there is no resolution soon.


Poor connect , very slowly..blablabkalaabl

The Producers Library

CONS: The app is heavy, sorta slow. The menu for searching products is bad. I mean really bad. If I click the drop down menu for a category you think it would show me everything in that category once I clicked on it.. Nope. It wants you to enter a search term even if you dont know what you are looking for. For example if I wanted to see everything they have to offer under a category there is no way to. You either search the exact term or you select or skip to pages 1 - 164 with 24 products on each page.

THE MARGINS. Some margins are good, others okay but a good amount are over priced. And yes I know its from the USA or is being shipped from the USA but wow.

Most Graphic T-shirts are lakcing creativity and design. Most look basic, with basic fonts and design.

" Custom " Leggings are $30 and over....

PROS: Fast shipping from the usa. BUT depending on the product I would rather check what vendors are shipping from the USA on Ali Express.

Good luck. Think you jumped the gun on release of this app or just offering wrong products with a bad interface possibly both.


I contacted support to inform them the app was freezing all the time, and they told me to try opening it again, etc. Did that and it is still freezing. Trying to upload to my store that literally takes almost a half hour to try and upload one thing. Not impressed. Now I have to start over and find another app that is half decent

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