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2 de agosto de 2021

The simple fact is you need the paid plan. All the decent SEO hints are blurred out, and without them don't go thinking the Free plan will make or contribute any meaningful difference to your Google ranking. As I have seen. It won't.

Hitz Imaging
Reino Unido
4 días usando la aplicación
Axel Hardy respondió 3 de agosto de 2021

Thanks for your review. I understand your point and that's why the next update will include more free features into the app. I have also sent you an email to explain my point in details and I would really appreciate it if you can get back to me about it. Thanks!

12 de julio de 2023

Title: Wastes More Time Than It Saves - 2/5 Stars
I recently tried GoSeo's free version, with hopes of streamlining my SEO practices. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations, proving to be more of a time sink than a helpful tool.
To begin with, the free version of GoSeo doesn't give you access to a comprehensive "SEO recommendations & score" feature. This alone makes the tool less informative than I had hoped.
Furthermore, the keyword analysis is frustratingly manual. For each product, I had to manually copy and paste the keyword from the title into a box. Only after I did this did the tool's keyword "score" turn green, which isn't a useful feature in my opinion since and the thought of doing this for hundreds of products is not my idea of fun. A high-quality SEO tool should be able to automatically analyze the existing keywords, not require input for a basic function like this.
Additionally, the tool prompts for tags, despite the interwebs saying that Google doesn't pay attention to shopify tags. If you choose to use the 'auto' function, it generates non-relevant tags, thereby suggesting that you waste time on an aspect that doesn't contribute to SEO.
As for the premium version, it allows for a second keyword score. But again, this is too manual.
The interface itself is not impressive either. It offers no net value gain over the default Shopify page, making the overall experience feel redundant and unproductive.
There is mention of a JSON-LD premium tool, which I didn't get a chance to test. However, based on the limited functionality and usefulness of the "product optimizer" tool, I have little faith in the added value of the premium features.
In summary, every minute spent on this tool feels wasted. I regret to say that, in my opinion, you'd be better off reading a basic Shopify SEO guide and investing your time in learning chat gpt. The notion of a tool that wastes more time than it saves is, to me, as nearly as bad as one that doesn't work. So, regrettably, I'm rating GoSeo = 2 stars.

BenchMark Custom Signs
Estados Unidos
31 minutos usando la aplicación
Axel Hardy respondió 16 de julio de 2023

Thanks. But let me tell you. If you were looking for an app to « save some time » then you are right, you installed the wrong app. SEO is not magic and requires to spend some time. The app is made to give you some proper SEO results not to save you some time. Other merchants mention it in their reviews : they got a signifiant traffic increase after following my app recommendations or by applying the other features of the app (JSON LD, the products optimizer or the images optimizer). You were probably looking for a magic button that would do everything for you which is not possible with SEO if you don’t want to be penalized by Google. That being said, in the era of AI, I agree that my app currently lacks some features in this domain but as stated in the email I sent you, I am actually exactly working on these features that will be ready in the app by the end of summer. Anyway, thanks for probably taking more time to write this review than actually using the app (around 20 minutes).