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19. juni 2020

This is probably the best product for analytics on the market. It has almost all needed formulas, manual costs and fees selector, graphs, multi-store account system. Definitely would recommend this.

Hobby Stories
Cirka en måned bruger appen
26. september 2020

A good app to track your profits is free for beginning so try it and you will love it. Also, you can get an invoice generation for AliExpress

28 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 21. november 2020

I have issue with this app - it did not calculate the expense that I setup. I have received no reply from Profitario. Update - I have received a reply after my 3rd attempt. While Anna is helpful in answering the issue, she was not happy with the original rating I gave and calling me unfair without asking any reason. Apart from this, the program itself might be ok.

KozyHome Shop
Næsten 2 år bruger appen
Saritra svarede 20. november 2020

Hi there KozyHome Shop,

first of all thank you for your review. We do take feedback very serious since this is our main source of ideas for possible new features.

I want to provide a bit of context for other merchants looking at this review.
We do offer a live chat inside the app where we help every merchant should any issues arise or if support is needed.
While we can’t answer every message immediately all inquiries are answered within 24 hours during weekdays. Inquiries regarding bugs and stability issues are also answered on the weekend.

In this particular case it took us 1 hour to reply while this review was posted 30 minutes after the first message.

In regards to the problem where expenses did not show up in the app. Depending on the selected billing schedule expenses get added either on the last day of the month or daily. Using the monthly expenses with a starting date of the Nov 15. the expenses will get added to the dashboard on Nov 30. Meaning that this expenses will not show up on the dashboard until the last day of the month. This was also the issue here.

Using the daily billing schedule for expenses we divide the monthly expense by the number of days in the respective month and then apply the result as an expense every day. Using this setting you might get better tracking results depending on your use case.

Feel free to reach out to us any time if you need any further help.

You can do so by email ( or using the live chat inside the app.

Kind regards,

2. maj 2020

This app has made my life so much easier. I love how it pulls in all of the COG information from Aliexpress. I can easily enter additional monthly expenses into their system and even set them as a reoccurring charges.

SUPER GAY UNDERWEAR | Official Online Store
21 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 21. august 2020

A great snapshot of essential financial metrics. A must-have to keep your eye on financial performance. Some issues on syncing Facebook to pull marketing cost but the rest seems to work brilliantly.

15 dage bruger appen
Saritra svarede 24. august 2020

Hi there,
thank you for your kind review :)

I'am sorry to hear that you have trouble with the facebook integration. If you want to, you can start a live chat with us right from the dashboard. Just click the blue chat icon on the bottom left of the dashboard.

Kind regards,

6. januar 2023

Overall good interface and easy to use. Could use some more features such as list exports, detailed analysis

Raw Spiritual
De Forenede Arabiske Emirater
9 måneder bruger appen
22. august 2020

I love this app, use it everyday to check on all metrics.

Only my visitors aren't being counted and so the revenue per visitor & conversion rate is not displaying, can you help me?

Beauty Wonder
9 dage bruger appen
Saritra svarede 24. august 2020

Hi there,
thank you for your kind review :)

Unfortunatly Shopify does not provided the information to display these metrics. However you can use our Google Analytics integration to acces this information on the dashboard.

The integration is free of charge.

I hope this helped.
Kind regards,

17. juni 2022

This app does everything free that other apps are doing with a payment plan. 100% recommended! Thank you very much for such a great opportunity.

8 dage bruger appen
Saritra svarede 24. juni 2022

Thank you for recommending us in your review! We’re glad we made your experience with us a great one 😊

Kind Regards,
Lukas / PROFITARIO by Saritra GmbH

21. marts 2022

I've tested most of the profit tracking software on shopify and this is the best i've found by far! Keep up the good work!

Weekend Cheers
SAR Hongkong
7 dage bruger appen
Saritra svarede 29. maj 2022

So good to hear you enjoy our app! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review 🙏🏼

Kind regards,
Lukas / PROFITARIO by Saritra GmbH

14. november 2022

relatively east to use, if customer service is online they get back to you very quickly and are very helpful. Good tools and many many options

Shop Galil
5 måneder bruger appen