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22. august 2020

I love this app, use it everyday to check on all metrics.

Only my visitors aren't being counted and so the revenue per visitor & conversion rate is not displaying, can you help me?

Beauty Wonder
9 dage bruger appen
Saritra svarede 24. august 2020

Hi there,
thank you for your kind review :)

Unfortunatly Shopify does not provided the information to display these metrics. However you can use our Google Analytics integration to acces this information on the dashboard.

The integration is free of charge.

I hope this helped.
Kind regards,

17. juni 2022

This app does everything free that other apps are doing with a payment plan. 100% recommended! Thank you very much for such a great opportunity.

8 dage bruger appen
Saritra svarede 24. juni 2022

Thank you for recommending us in your review! We’re glad we made your experience with us a great one 😊

Kind Regards,
Lukas / PROFITARIO by Saritra GmbH

21. marts 2022

I've tested most of the profit tracking software on shopify and this is the best i've found by far! Keep up the good work!

Weekend Cheers
SAR Hongkong
7 dage bruger appen
Saritra svarede 29. maj 2022

So good to hear you enjoy our app! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review 🙏🏼

Kind regards,
Lukas / PROFITARIO by Saritra GmbH

14. november 2022

relatively east to use, if customer service is online they get back to you very quickly and are very helpful. Good tools and many many options

Shop Galil
5 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 26. april 2020

Good app!
Would get 5 start if the ad accounts didn't get disconnected every time.

Holland (Nederlandene)
3 måneder bruger appen
Saritra svarede 13. april 2020

Hi there, sorry that we missed your inquiry. Some of our support staff was on holiday during the easter weekend.

Inquiries affecting the system stability should have been attended to in a timely manner but yours must have slipped through.

Regarding the issue with disconnecting adaccounts.
There was a bug in the API from facebook that we use to download the adspend reports.
This has been resolved by facebook and adaccounts won't disconnect in the future.

We recently rolled out an update on how we handle the login process. There might be an issue we are not aware of.
I have added your email to the priority list of our Live Chat so we won't miss any of your future messages. If you still have trouble seeing the dashboard please contact us there so we can troubleshoot this issue.

Again I'am very sorry for not attending to your inquiry earlier since this is not how we want to treat our users.

Kind regards,

10. maj 2020

Very easy and nice app. It really helps my administration and gives me a quick view of my finance. Thank you !

Koopjes Detector
Holland (Nederlandene)
3 måneder bruger appen
10. maj 2020

Yeah, I'd say if you can't get the app working by yourself then don't even bother. I contacted support 2 weeks ago for 1 response and they did not answer my questions. Had high expectations but as a business owner needing to understand his finances which are critical to any business, they haven't been responsive at all. Looks like there are only 2 service helpers Lukas and Klara in which they both acknowledged my question but didn't answer it. Will be uninstalling by tomorrow if they do not respond. Let see if they respond because I left a negative review now.

Shoppy Bay Store
13 dage bruger appen
Saritra svarede 11. maj 2020

Hi Shoppy Bay Store, thank you for your review (although negative). Feedback is important to us, so we can improve our service, and we do take every response serious.

Please understand that the current situation regarding COVID 19 has changed how businesses work globally. For us this means that all of our support staff is in home office and our target response time is longer than usual for users on the free/trial plans However we most definitely respond to all inquiries (We have a 15-minute avg. Response time in the live chat). You also talked to us in the live chat but instead wanted us to reply to your email. This was just two business days ago.

You can reach out to us in the live chat from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 UTC+2.

Additionally, you can consult our help desk where we try to answer all questions users have had before with text and images.

Here are a few links that might be of interest to you:

How we handle the cost from AliExpress:

How to add a Historical Cost:

You currently can’t set a Quantity Break for the Product Cost.

I’am really sorry for how this has played out and I know how frustrating it can be when you try to reach someone but the partner does not seem to respond. But rest assured it's not in our interest to ignore our users and that we do our best to respond to all inquires as fast as possible.

Kind regards,