Profiteer ‑ Cost of Goods Sold

Profiteer ‑ Cost of Goods Sold

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Total value of your inventory and reports on profit from sales

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Inventory Value

Get the total value of your unsold inventory at any time with Profiteer. A necessary accounting exercise for most merchants.

Profit from Sales

With changing cost and retail prices, a report on profit and margins for any period of sales time (day, week, month etc) is essential.

Enhance Shopify Reports

Shopify orders are available with many details except line item cost price, a value provided by Profiteer when you need that.

Om Profiteer ‑ Cost of Goods Sold

Profiteer for Cost of Goods Sold

Shopify provides a retail selling price for your products. Profiteer provides you with a second value, the cost price of the product. Reports on your real profit and margins are then available to you anytime. The key function of Profiteer App is to record the cost price of a product at the time it is sold.

  • The App respects your inventory security and so you can decide which staff accounts have access to the App and product pricing.

  • With cost pricing set you'll know the total cost of inventory and the cost of goods sold for any period of time.

  • Tracking costs supports reports showing your most profitable items sold.

  • The App supports the bulk import and export of pricing and allows you to apply cost prices to your sales history.

  • You can export your inventory and have a quick estimate of the total cost of your inventory, generate profit per vendor, profit for a period of time in the past, and other reports.

  • You can sell in the currency of your choice, and have your costs adjusted automatically as that currency fluctuates against the USD.

  • The App comes with weighted cost averaging (AVCO) as an option to use, so when you purchase more stock, you can record the new cost price you paid for your inventory, and continue selling old inventory, with the cost price all worked out for you, a major convenience.

  • The App works with discounts and refunds. If a 100.00 item was discounted by 20.00 and cost 20.00 you will see that it sold for 80.00 resulting in a profit of 60.00. If someone returned 2 of 3 items purchased, the app will adjust the sales to change the 3 to a 1.

By Popular Demand

One of the most popular requests ever for this App is to provide a time machine so the merchant can have the value of their inventory at a date in the past. This feature is being Beta tested and will soon make its way into production for all merchants.



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Seneste anmeldelser

Very good. I like this app but it takes some setting up if you already have loads of products. Could do with a better export function instead of a messy CSV file.


Crumble Co.

I reached out to the dev after the app refused to sync products (using the provided instructions, and waiting) and got back a snarky attitude based email. Beyond unprofessional and do not recommend. It's not user friendly and nowhere near out of the box ready.

Philip Browne Menswear

A great, useful app which is now an integral part of our ecommerce reporting and sales. The support and customer service offered by Profiteer is top notch, you are in very safe hands! *****