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Prognose - Next Generation of Omni Channel Campaigning

Prognose - Next Generation of Omni Channel Campaigning

Developed by RetailAutomata Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Price: From $25.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Create dynamic customer segments on buying behaviour, purchase patterns, discount sensitivity, seasonality & other advanced segmentation parameters
  • Send targeted marketing promotions to specific segments to get increased sales conversions
  • Dynamic Customer segment based promotions offers 10x improvement in ROI

About Prognose:

Prognose is the next generation marketing promotions app for your retails business that offers the best Omni Channel Campaigning capabilities with personalized engagement.

To achieve key KPI's for your business in terms of sales conversions, repeat purchase, increase in Average Order Value, etc , Consumer engagement plays an important role. Using Prognose app, Retailers can achieve this by understanding each customer based on their propensity to spend money, based on their repeat purchase behaviour, sensitivity to discounting, purchase activity during certain duration.

Prognose App offers advanced segmentation to help you to understand your customer base in real time, based on past campaign interaction, purchase behaviour,etc. You can save customer segments that can update in real time as per your customer base.

Whats Included in Prognose App? / Features of Prognose App:

  1. Create Unlimited Segments

  2. Define dynamic segments based on Unlimited Criteria

  3. Real Time Results

  4. Real Time Metrics

  5. Metrics by Segments

  6. Aggregate Metrics of Campaigns

  7. Seamless Campaigns

  8. Schedule & Triggered Campaigns

  9. Personalization of Email Campaigns

How will Prognose App work for your online store?

Prognose app gives you an edge to understand your customers at a much deeper level through advanced segmentation. It will redefine how you engage with each of your customer by understanding customers behaviour at a micro level.

Once you have installed Prognose App, it will offer you a smart web interface & marketing dashboard with built in features such as when does the customer purchased from your store, Is he sensitive to discount , What was his repeat purchase pattern,etc to create a dynamic customer segment and run an effective email marketing campaign.

Prognose create an opportunity to help you create numerous dynamic customer segments based on Key Parameters of purchase behaviour and engage with each segment effectively through personalized messaging & communication.

With Prognose app, you can now increase Customer Lifetime Value of the existing customers as well as acquire new customers by engaging with them based on their real time activity on your online store.

The customer segments update in real time as the customers purchase pattern change which ultimately allows you to be able to truly engage with your customers from the real time data.

For Example - Create a dynamic segment of customers who have purchased at least 2 SKUs from your store, who have visited last month,spent less than $500, customers who purchased during discounting offered more than 50%. Or Create a customer segment of customers who purchased during the duration of January to March, Who Are Customers who buy without discount(Premium Customer) and have been seen visiting the store last week.

Why you should use Prognose App for marketing promotions for your online store?

As a Retail Business Owner, you are trying to achieve various KPIs to make your business profitable and sustainable in the long run.

Prognose app creates the various revenue opportunities that can be accomplished from the various dynamic customer segments based on measured behavioral data points. The ability of incorporating behavioral seasonality & discount sensitivity during segmentation create a more meaningful customer segment to get maximum conversions and return of investment with each marketing campaign. The marketing dashboard offers a 360 degree view of Revenue Potential from the various campaign promotions & help you run a profitable online retail business.

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I have been using Retail Automata's Prognose app & service for approximately one year now. I have to say that I am very pleased.

We have been in business for over ten years. Since signing on with Retail Automata our email list has more than tripled. These are real customers who physically signed up for our emails.

Retail Automata was most helpful with the initial setup of our Shopify website and helped us migrate our website to a new modern theme for the web store. We manufacture and sell a unique item in the marketplace. Some of the usual strategies proved ineffectual in our niche. They were most helpful in making changes to our website and marketing strategy through Prognose app. The control panel is most helpful and informative in effecting changes to the marketing and email strategy. I am not a webmaster or coder. The customer service is spot on. Changes and updates are handled in a timely and professional manner, Usually within a day or two.

Prices are reasonable for the services rendered. From past experience I know that running a modern website can be a time consuming, maddening, and expensive nightmare. Retail Automata's Team has solved many issues for us. They are part of our team.

From $25.00 / month

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