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PWA ‑ Create Android & iOS App


Install Progressive Web Apps for mobile, Native App, PWA

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Installable PWA

One-click installable progressive web-apps for all mobile devices - Android & iOS.

App Manifest Configuration

The app-manifest configuration fulfills your web application into perfect web-app.

Increases SEO Ranking

It betters the user experience through mobile app which boosts your site SEO indirectly.

PWA ‑ Create Android & iOS App 정보

What is Progressive Web Apps?

The PWA is a trending mobile browsing method that makes browsing faster and easy by allowing the installation of a webapp onto mobile devices. As we know mobile-first index updates by Google & faster mobile sites are vital factors for the search engine ranking.


  • App-Manifest configuration to be fulfilled as PWA.
  • Offer to Install webapp by interactive "Add To Home Screen" popup.
  • Personalize installation message pop-up from the backend.
  • Set your webapp as full screen or standalone mode.
  • Enable “Google Analytic Tracking” to track your install events.
  • Summary graph for app install events (Last 30 Days) in the backend.
  • User can operate in offline mode or poor internet connection.
  • A mobile app-like experience for users.

#For the best backend experience use the latest version of *Google Chrome*

Why SetuBridge PWA?

The progressive web application is a website that works offline/poor internet or may have native features. This Shopify app provides a mobile app-like experience by using web compatibilities.

It supports various devices across iOS and Android platforms. No app stores are required to download application e.g. Google Play & iOS Appstore.

By clicking on the “Install” button displaying on the installation message pop-up, the user can simply install PWA on the mobile device. Admin can engage customers to install PWA by personalizing installation message pop-up.

PWA has uncompetitive light fastening speed & requires less memory of the respective devices. It does not affect the performance of other applications on the device. There is an app-manifest, which answers the requirement for making any site as PWA.

It does not require periodic updates like native apps. Admin has the key to customize the application's default name as well as set display type & screen orientations like full screen or standalone according to the respective needs.

Moreover, splash screen colour, theme colour, web application icon can also be customized from the back-end. By enabling “Google Analytic Tracking” admin can have a summary of Progressive web Application installation.

1. Does it support all browsers?

Yes, all modern desktop & mobile browsers (Android & iOS) are compatible with PWA technology. Best support can be found at the source, in Google chrome.

2. Is the app-manifest configuration is necessary?

Yes, it is. it decides the look of your web-app on user's device e.g. splash screen, app name etc.

3. How is it helping my business?

PWA is the best way to stay engaged with customers by allowing them to install webapp on their device & use it on low internet/offline mode.

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Home Shopping World

doesn't work. page doesn't load at all. doesn't work. page doesn't load at all. doesn't work. page doesn't load at all. doesn't work. page doesn't load at all.


i decided for now not to use it, but the code is not removing and causing a delay and lag in the theme. I would appreciate a fix. thank you. It's looking for link for .../manifest/ and obviously not there. :)

개발자 회신

2021년 1월 6일

Thanks for your review, sir/ma'am.
Manifest code will no longer affect your store functionality. But, at your request, we removed the code from your store. Thanks again :)

Octosquare Business

Wow, this app is awesome! I just added it to my store and I now have a PWA enabled store. It's easy and gets the job done. An amazing must-have app for any store :) Note to Dev: I wish there were more customization options for the installation popup.

개발자 회신

2020년 9월 30일

Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. :)

Moreover, we have a bunch of features in our roadmap. They'll be available soon in the existing app. Thanks again for feature suggest ;)