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Promio ‑ Share to Discount


Social Media Sharing & Influencer Marketing

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Go Viral

Promio facilitates store growth and virality across social networks by empowering customers to share your store and influence sales.

Increase Conversions

Customers are more likely to make a first time purchase if they get a reward for it. Promio allows you to reward these customers.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

One of the most powerful marketing methods are your own customers spreading the word. Promio can encourage this.

Om Promio ‑ Share to Discount

Increase your social reach

Promio helps your store to grow by empowering your customers to socially market your store for you and become your influencers. Any customer (first time or existing, your choice!) can access a reward or discount in return for sharing your store to their social media audience.

Did you know that customers are more likely to make a first time purchase if they get rewarded for it? Promio allows you to reward these customers.

One of Promio's most powerful social media marketing features facilitates your own customers to share your store with the world. Suddenly, one sale can multiply as each customer shares your store with their network of potentially 1000's and so on.


  • Increase your store's virality across social media networks
  • Turn your traffic & customers into Influencers
  • Increase first-time customer purchases
  • Reward your customers for their efforts
  • Leverage your customers audience through powerful word of mouth
  • Increase your traffic and sales from social media platforms

Get Started

Just install the App and thats it. Compatible with any theme! If you have any issues, check out the documentation or drop us a support request.

Why Promio?

Promio can increase your store's conversion rate and first-time customer purchase. Not only that, the potential reach from the social based sharing could net you multiple sales from every single share. Promio will end up paying for itself with the increase in average order value it brings, a no brainer!



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  • Free to install and use for Developers on Partner Stores.

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4.3 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser


This is a good app, and the only app on shopify right now that does what it does. The only thing it doesn't do is keep track if the person actually shares it before giving the discount code. It will give code just by clicking the link to share, but they don't have to share it on their social for the coupon. Will get this when they do that. Other wise, good simple app

Rockstar Leatherworks™

Didn't even pass the test phase. Once I got it set up to test, I clicked the link to open the social media share window, and I didn't even need to share the product. I just closed the pop up and it gave me the coupon code just for opening the pop up. Deleted immediately.....


Its not a hasty delete when the app doesn’t function as intended. It gives the user the coupon code without even requiring them to share the product on social media. SHARING THE PRODUCT IS THE ENTIRE POINT of trying the app. I didn’t even have to login to my social account. I closed the pop up without even logging in and bang, the code appeared. Maybe you should make the app work correctly instead of providing excuses and metrics. I agree, the fact that they still get a code is helpful to the customer and could make a sale, but I already have a discount code offer that works for that purpose. YOUR APP is advertised to get the product shared and increase visibility on social media gathering other potential customers, not just give out a code. This wasn’t a hasty delete. It was a necessary delete. Yes to give you credit, you did provide support as most would expect from a developer when trying a new app.

I wasn't searching for the limitation by any means, it was obvious. I just closed the pop up and then the code appeared and that's how I realized that the issue. I would question the 98% metric, since I stumbled upon and exposed the issue upon my first test. I would expect it would occur for users as well. Bottom line.... it doesn't work as it should.

I'm updating this as I don't want to be hugely damaging to the devs reputation. I'll update this to 3 stars. I mean the app will do what it says it just doesn't MAKE the user share a product on social media. I accidentally found the loophole upon my first use and have to imagine a lot of users would as well. From my experience if a user doesn't HAVE to do something, they won't, but thats just my opinion. I think the devs are attentive and would provide needed support.

Udviklerens svar

2. juli 2019

We offered FREE setup and support to this merchant. This is what is damaging to the Shopify App Ecosystem. If the merchant had checked the documentation, they would have discovered the limitations in some instances. For over 98% of store traffic, the customers don't try to game the system, they simply share and unlock. Either way, setting it with say a 10% discount code will give you a great first time customer acquisition even if they are not the 98% that will share your store to their social network (Yes, you can limit the code to new customers only). Another "hasty" delete and 1 star review in the App Store.


Again, 98% of the time it does. Actively seeking for the limitation will expose it. Thankfully, 98% (will say it one more time) 98% of visiting traffic doesn't do this, they utilise the app in its intended purpose because they aren't a merchant testing it, they simply want the discount and will share it. Point missed again but oh well! An exhaled sigh and a move on from this one.


very good app and very good support staff - recommended for more sales
easy to instal and setup compared to some others