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Promobar by Pasilobus

Promobar by Pasilobus

Developed by Pasilobus

7 reviews
Price: $5.00 / month More info
  • Convert NEW customers through promotions, discounts, newsletter subscriptions, and more
  • Display features that: grow your mailing list (MailChimp & Soundest integration), offer special promotions, create a call-to action, or a combination.
  • One click installation! No coding required. Responsive design and fully customizable options are available directly in theme settings.

User Engagement = Increase in Sales

Add Promobar to your online store in seconds, and engage with virtual window shoppers easily. Welcome customers with a message, deals, promotions, encourage social sharing, grow your mailing list and more.

What can you do with Promobar?

  • Offer free shipping and notify customers using Promobar

  • Greet visitors with a custom message

  • Ask visitors to join your mail list

  • Highlight a product with Promobar and create a direct link via buttons

  • Offer a discount coupon code

  • Remind customers about current promotions

  • ________________________________________________________________________

    Only Promobar for Shopify comes with the full package!

    Install the App With One Click

    Installing Promobar is easy. Avoid the hassle of coding and install the app with just a click

    Customize Directly in Your Shopify Theme Editor

    Promobar is the only promotion bar app that allows merchants to edit within theme settings. Make changes easily in your storefront editor, see changes as they occur

    Top and Bottom Position Options

    Every store has a unique design and we designed Promobar with maximum flexibility. Position it at top or bottom of the page, adjust it to your style

    Email Sign up form and Mailchimp & Soundest Integrations

    Want to grow your email list? No problem. Integrate your MailChimp or Soundest accounts

    Display Promobar on Desired Pages

    Display Promobar only on your homepage or on every page.

    Every Detail is Customizable

    Style your Promobar as you like, here is the full list of customizable options:

  • Background Color

  • Text Color

  • Button Color

  • Left, Right and Center Alignment Options

  • Font Size

  • Font Weight

  • 11 Different Font Options

  • Email Input Font Size and Color

  • Email Placeholder Font Size and Color

  • Display Position Options

  • Display Animation Option

  • Close Icon Styles

  • Page Display Selection

  • Full Control over mobile view

  • Custom Section Width Set

  • Layout/Section Order

  • Ability to add Custom CSS
  • Free Setup & Design

    Don't want to spend time? We can handle all the setup for you, design and customize Promobar according to your directions


    Awesome Customer Support

    In need of assistance? Contact one of our app experts with your requests & we will respond promptly. We will do our best to respond your inquiries within 24 hours during business days.


    Want something more than the standard settings provided by Promobar? Contact us via our Shopify Experts Page or our Website and we will build your custom promotion bar for you!


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    Promobar by Pasilobus reviews

    7 reviews
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    4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
    5. 1 star (1 review)

    Great app and great support... love the look/feel as it sits on my site!


    Works well. Took a little more time than I thought because I needed to integrate it with Mail Chimp, but very happy for now. Support was reasonable fast and efficient.


    Easy to use and simple to customize for a price tag that won't break your bank!


    I definitely recommend promobar app to people who got bored with all classical promotion bars around. It`s easy to customize your promotion bar from your theme settings. And also I love the customizable close icon option. I`ve changed the classic cross icon to a cute heart icon. Actually at first I couldn`t change it; but there are so many useful instructions on the app dashboard, and a detailed help center is available, too. So I`ve figured out how to change it quickly. Voila! I have a unique promotion bar. It`s just what I`ve wanted.


    If I could give this app 0 stars I would; 1-star will have to suffice.

    I love Shopify apps. I love Shopify. I've downloaded and/or reviewed virtually every Shopify app there is, and there's well over 1,000 of them. I'm one of the most prolific Shopify app reviewers on Shopify. I give plenty of 5s, 4s and 3s when they're warranted, but give 1s and 2s as well when they are warranted. I take my reviews very seriously as I used to work for the Michigan Citizens Lobby, a consumer protection outfit in Michigan back in the 80s and 90s. I care about my fellow consumers a great deal.

    I used to own a software company that had customers in 40+ countries around the world. I'm fairly technical myself and am very comfortable working with programmers because I am one, moderately, and I've employed them for so long and worked with them so closely for so long.

    I am an excellent technical customer support person myself and know good technical support when I see it. And I know BAD technical support when I see it.

    The technical support associated with this outfit is NIGHTMARISH. Textbook unbelievably bad and it's SO BAD in a way that is SO TYPICAL of so many, if not most, bad technical support teams. I won't go into the details. But suffice it to say, it's based upon REALLY, REALLY SLOPPY WORK and extremely poor communication skills. And a complete lack of thoroughness and comprehensive care.

    Avoid this outfit like the plague if you value your time, as I and other professionals do.

    PS By the way, I "worked with" the "customer support team" of this app for many, many days, probably over 2 or 3 weeks, before I finally "gave up" and posted this review. I'm actually a very patient person but everyone has their limits. They finally hit my limit. Enough.

    PPS By the way, the issue we were dealing with was disabling the app, and, if disabling failed, removing it. And "we" couldn't get that DONE in several weeks. Can you believe that? It's astounding.

    PPPS By the way, the app ENABLED ITSELF AT TIME OF INSTALLATION and was DISPLAYING ITSELF in a VERY LAME, BAD LOOKING AND INCOMPLETE UNCONFIGURED WAY, completely without prior permission! Good apps never do that, enabling themselves and putting themselves without prior configuration at your website, as you well know if you're experienced with apps, and good apps have easy to find and easy to implement enable/disable buttons. This app has none of that and trying to get it disabled/removed is FAR HARDER than trying to get AOL to cancel your service back in the 90s. Consumer advocates will understand.


    Recommended!! Works exactly like described. Very happy that I found this app :)


    This app is amazing. I mean, obviously, it's just a promo bar lol. But the developer made it so that it fits right into your "Customize Theme" panel for all the people who aren't good with coding. I happen to be "okay" with coding though so I was able to implement by promo bar to tell my customers exactly which packages I'm in the process of shipping. I make handmade goods so the packages ship 7-10 business days after the orders are purchased. With this app, I was able to set up an auto announcement that says, "Now shipping orders placed on This Date through That Date" and what's great is that I was even able to put coding in there for the dates to automatically change on their own as soon as 12:00 EST comes. It's super easy.

    I would recommend this app to novices and experts alike because I believe that the possibilities are endless. I absolutely HATE paying for apps because I feel like Shopify should just make most of this stuff standard, but Promobar is one of the VERY FEW apps I'm happy to pay for!!!

    $5.00 / month

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