Your store’s interactive promo bin

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They provide immediate visual attention and draw customers straight to your discounts.


Help customers quickly identify the products which are included in the promotion.


Once the tag is clicked, it opens up to a window - and just like a promo bin, customers can find all the products associated with that part

Om Promotify

Promotify on Shopify gives you full of options to create custom discounts that attract and convert customers. Relax and let our discount app do the work for you!

Promotify lets you manage all your discounts in one place.

Promotify provides simple and effective discounting templates  so you can better manage, promote, and control your online promotions to maximize multiple purchase opportunities.

With Promotify you can create upselling promotions in your Shopify store such as cross-sell with other products, offer special prices based on volume, quantity, “Buy X Get Y”, bundles, free gift—and more!

Why do i need Promotify?

Push notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your audience, they can help you send updates, promotion announcements,  and reminders that get your audience to regularly engage with your brand.

We use widgets that appear right on the home page. The widgets bring up the active promotion to the front. The best part is, customers can actually PURCHASE right on the widget.  This gives quick and easy access to customers who go to your store looking only for promotions and discounts. 
 With this app you prolong the bounce rate, you encourage interaction, and you entice quick and easy sales transactions.

How easy is it to use Promotify?

For you:

  • We made Promotify user-friendly and very easy to use.

  • You can customize promotions based on specific collections or on selected items.

  • Push or highlight certain products on promotion without rearranging the look of your site.

For your customers:

  • It is also highly interactive.  Think of the widget as your digital promo bin. All the items associated with that particular discount are in the widget and the customer can simply select items.

  • Purchases will be computed real time with the applied discounts.  Customers will be able to monitor the value of their purchases and their savings before checking out. This can all be done within the widget.

  • No discount codes required. When a potential customer visits your Shopify store they instantly SEE the discounts on the site. You minimize the risk of customers leaving the store because of their lack of awareness of the promotion.

  • Easy navigation. This feature eliminates the need for the customer to search page by page through your website for the  products under the discount.

  • Through the colourful discount tags, customers will definitely notice your promo announcements  but can also pleasantly browse through your page without an annoying violator getting in their way as they scroll.

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Basic Plan


  • Fixed Discount Tags
  • Percentage Discount Tags
  • Free-shipping Discount Tags

All In Plan


  • Fixed Discount Tags
  • Percentage Discount Tags
  • Free-shipping Discount Tags
  • Buy X Get Y Discount Tags
  • Fun, customized promo icons

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