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6 reviews
February 6, 2022

When the app was free it worked great. As it became paid, it regularly stops working. You don't know if it will work or not and you have to constantly check. It is not normal. Technical support promises to solve the problem every time, but does nothing. In short, don't count on this app. The damage can be significant.

Time spent using app: 11 months
January 6, 2022

Many problems, ruined our shops! We will stop using them with sure! I recommend not to use it ! For our big company this module ruin our sales and make big problems!

Мебелни Къщи Ralica
Time spent using app: 7 months
Propel Commerce replied January 6, 2022

Hello friends at Мебелни Къщи Ralica,

I'm so sorry for the less than stellar experience you've had with our app. That's absolutely not the experience we want our merchants to have.

I've checked our support desk, and we haven't received any support tickets from you reporting any issues. We'd love to know what went wrong so we can make sure it doesn't happen again. We'll reach out via email immediately.

- Chris @ Propel Commerce

December 5, 2021

Honestly I was really disappointed after reading the reviews and recommendations. Three major flaws was that the sales did not end at planned time. Took over an hour which allowed several sales to take advantage. Secondly I realised that even when deleting the sale, it was still active for some items. I had to then manually amend all those items... which I could have done in the first place rather than purchasing this app and yes I was on a paid membership. Then to make things even worse. I had changed all the prices of my ebay integrated shop. Only 20% changed back. So I had to delete all my store items and reupload them because it just wasn't syncing and this was like 3 days of trying. Lost all my item views and those that watching the item. Support team couldn't fix it and blamed the increase use due to Black Friday sales. But if I can't use it during busy times... What is the point of the app. Overall caused so much stress, I wish I had just done it manually for all my products. Would have taken ages... But I wouldn't have lost money and sleep.

Black Sunrise UK Satin Lined Hats
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 12 days
Propel Commerce replied December 7, 2021

Hello friends at Black Sunrise UK Satin Lined Hats,

I'm so sorry for the less than stellar experience you've had with our app. That's absolutely not the experience we want our merchants to have.

I've asked our dev team to do a deep dive on what went wrong with your sales so we can ensure this doesn't happen again.

- Chris @ Propel Commerce

September 27, 2021

Awful app that freezes for days making it difficult to disable or amend a sale. The app discounted my products based on the sales price making my items well below cost price! Customer service is terrible, they have ignored me for 2 days and not helped in any way. I have had to now go through every item individually and put the price back to the original price, which is extremely time consuming and losing me sales on my Summer Sale!

Lala Kids
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 3 months
Propel Commerce replied September 27, 2021

Hello friends at Lala Kids,

We're so sorry for the less than stellar experience. The app has several "discount rules" you can choose from, and one of them is to discount based on compare at price rather than sale price. These options are available in the Create sale screen when you're creating your sale.

Regarding the delay, it looks like your support ticket came through on Saturday. Your ticket required a developer to review it, and our dev team works Mondays to Fridays.

If you'd like to try the app again, please let us know, and we'd be happy to help resolve any issues.

- Chris @ Propel Commerce

April 25, 2021

Do NOT install this app if you have more than 100 items or variations! Here is the details to my experience: I installed the app to my shopify store. I set up the discount which was easy enough. I enabled it. That's when the problems started occurring. It notified me that for all of my products and variants (which was close to 20,000) that it would take 491 minutes. That's a little over 8 hours. Okay. So I reached out to support about this. Didn't hear back. I leave it going for 10 hours and then check on it...IT GOT STUCK AND WILL NOT MOVE 6,000 items in. I am NOT able to disable it until it finishes. I can't get in touch with support which I did receive a message stating that their customer support is Monday - Friday. Since it's the weekend I am out of luck. I also am not able to uninstall the app without having to go back in and correct every price they have already changed. AND! On top of it all someone was able to use the discounts and PAIR IT WITH A COUPON CODE so they got a double discount which this app states they aren't able to do that. So what am I left with? No bulk discount sales editor, a store I have to go back in and manually change the prices, AND customers getting extreme discounts to where I'm not making a profit. Free is not everything. Set the app back to beta testing.

Cranky Girl Tie Dye
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 month
Propel Commerce replied April 26, 2021

Hi there - we're so sorry for the trouble. Our support staff is available Mondays to Fridays, and we hope to expand that to include weekends in the near future. I can see you've already uninstalled the app, but if you'd like to try it again, our support team will be more than happy to resolve any issues you're experiencing.

Regarding the time it takes to apply / reverse a sale, Shopify limits apps to 2 API calls per second. We have to use API calls to retrieve then update each variant which means apps can only update about 1 variant per second.

Regarding discount stacking, our app prevents sale discounts created in our app from stacking. This does not extend to discount codes as apps cannot prevent shoppers from using discount codes in the checkout process.

April 15, 2021

App is not applying discount rules. Also no one replies on chat support. After creating the discount rules nothing happens.

Time spent using app: 2 months
Propel Commerce replied April 15, 2021

Hi there - we're so sorry for the trouble. I've checked our support desk, and we unfortunately haven't received any tickets or emails from you. We'd love to help you resolve the issue. Please contact, and we'll be more than happy to help.