Sales & Bulk Discounts Manager

Sales & Bulk Discounts Manager

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Scheduled Sales, Product Discount, Flash Sale App,Price Editor

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Run scheduled sales

Create weekly, monthly and recurring sales in only a few clicks. We take care of discounting then restoring prices when sales end.

Prevent discount stacking

Intelligent discount logic prevents discount stacking. When multiple sales are active, we auto-apply the greatest discount.

Super fast price editor

Discount your entire shop with a scheduled sale or use it as a price editor for specific products. Discount up to 120 products/minute!

关于 Sales & Bulk Discounts Manager

Sales & Bulk Discount Manager lets you effortlessly schedule and automate storewide sales, flash sales and more!

Discount products and manage your sales without breaking the bank.

Manually discounting products takes a lot of time! With Sales & Bulk Discount Manager, you can schedule one-time, weekly, monthly and custom recurring sales with just a few clicks.

From Valentine’s Day sales to Christmas sales, Sales & Bulk Discounts Manager will help you set up all your scheduled sales for the year in under 15 minutes. Just set 'em and forget 'em, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

We’ll automatically discount your products on your sale start date and restore your original prices on your sale end date.

Perhaps you're looking for a bulk price editor rather than run a limited-time sale? No problem! Sales & Bulk Discount Manager can help with that too.

Add stylish sale badges to product images

Promote your sales with stylish sale badges. Choose from a wide variety of badges or upload your own. Colors are customizable to perfectly match your theme and brand.

Powerful Per-Variant Discounting

Need to apply a 10% discount to all large sizes? With Sales & Bulk Discount Manager by Propel, you can apply sales to only particular variants on products.

Prevent Stacking of Product Discounts with Intelligent Discount Logic

Worried about the risk of stacking discounts when you run multiple sales? Don’t be! Our intelligent discounting logic automatically applies the greatest discount from all sales rather than stacking or combining discounts from multiple sales.

Completely Compatible with All Currency Converters

Discounted Prices Sync Across All Sale Channels (POS, Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, etc)

Unlike other discount apps, prices discounted with Sales & Bulk Discount Managers will be reflected in all your sale channels.

Override Cents

Prevent automatic discounts from giving your products prices like $12.83 and $5.37 with our override cents feature. This feature lets you control what cents your prices end in (e.g., $12.99 rather than $12.83) so you can maximize sales.

Need more features?

Sales & Bulk Discount Manager by Propel comes with lots more features like archiving of past sales, auto-tagging of products affected by sales and more!

Exciting features like sale countdown timers and more are coming soon.


Unlike other apps, we guarantee a response to your question within one business day. Most tickets receive a response within minutes!

Grow your revenue with Sales & Bulk Discount Manager by Propel!

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Free Forever


  • Discount up to 20 variants
  • Schedule one-time & recurring sales
  • Several discount rules
  • Basic support



  • Discount up to 100 variants
  • Schedule one-time & recurring sales
  • Several discount rules
  • Stylish sale badges
  • Countdown clock
  • Priority support



  • Discount up to 1000 variants
  • Schedule one-time & recurring sales
  • Several discount rules
  • Stylish sale badges
  • Countdown clock
  • Priority support



  • Discount UNLIMITED variants
  • Schedule one-time & recurring sales
  • Several discount rules
  • Stylish sale badges
  • Countdown clock
  • Priority support

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4.4 评分


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Lala Kids

Awful app that freezes for days making it difficult to disable or amend a sale. The app discounted my products based on the sales price making my items well below cost price! Customer service is terrible, they have ignored me for 2 days and not helped in any way. I have had to now go through every item individually and put the price back to the original price, which is extremely time consuming and losing me sales on my Summer Sale!



Hello friends at Lala Kids,

We're so sorry for the less than stellar experience. The app has several "discount rules" you can choose from, and one of them is to discount based on compare at price rather than sale price. These options are available in the Create sale screen when you're creating your sale.

Regarding the delay, it looks like your support ticket came through on Saturday. Your ticket required a developer to review it, and our dev team works Mondays to Fridays.

If you'd like to try the app again, please let us know, and we'd be happy to help resolve any issues.

- Chris @ Propel Commerce

The Gorgeous Food Company

A great APP which we use for our monthly promotions - quick and easy to use with good customer back-up


Lovely app! Easy to use and set up a discount. Customer support was excellent! I really was excited about the stickers for the sale products. Unfortunately, they are only visible on the actual product page. That means people cannot browse thru your store and see products with stickers on them. They actually have to click on a product and bring it up before the sticker is visible. This sort of defeats the purpose of stickers....which is to make products stand out and show customers that they are on sale. Stickers give people a reason to click on the they already saw the sticker. So, you should make stickers visible on the products all the time. Especially when people are browsing thru a collection. That's the only real problem and the reason I gave 4 stars. I think I will have to create a collection just for my sale....that way people can find all items that are on sale.....just more work for me. If you could fix that sticker problem, then this app would be perfect!