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23 de octubre de 2022

I'm a big fan of reviews. I don't make any moves without reading them and I always start with the bad ones and then - if I'm still interested - read the good ones. There's usually good and bad aspects to everything so I always try to review Pro's as well as Con's. Recurring's Pro's were the support responsiveness (at the start). I had my questions answered quickly. That dropped off however when I asked a lot of questions in quick succession largely because their installation video didn't match the behaviour of their api. That is where the Pro's end. Cons: apps that don't clean up after themselves when deleted are a BIG 'No-No' in my book. If I'd seen reviews to this effect, I would never have installed Recurring because I think it indicates poor design. After I deleted Recurring, some widget elements were still active. A customer support person acting for Recurring actually chastised me for not talking to them before deleting their api! (I don't need anyone's permission to delete an api off my website - thank you!) Functionality-wise Recurring is very CSS dependent. If you're looking for a seamless integration that does all the heavy lifting for you - this isn't the api for you. If you're proficient at CSS coding, you'll probably get a lot more out of the api than I ever could so I can't speak to it's potential. Just know that - if you're not a coding expert (like me) this isn't the api for you. I've gone back to Subify. I had installed their api before Recurring so I had some basis of comparison. Subify didn't have some features I wanted but they've been very pro-active and are bringing those features online next month and have offered me a great discount to onboard with them now. We have a very simple offer. If you just need something simple that integrates easily check out Subify. I highly recommend them.

Collagen Stickz
6 días usando la aplicación
Propel Commerce respondió 24 de octubre de 2022

Hello friends at Collagen Sticks,

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to provide it. I've reviewed your chat log with our agent as I was very concerned when you mentioned you were chastised, but this doesn't appear to have actually happened. When you mentioned you had decided to uninstall the app and requested the widget be removed, our agent responded:

'I'm sad to know that. You may have deleted the app without uninstalling the codes from your theme first. Please let me remove the codes for you.'

Our agent was sad to see you leave, provided a quick explanation and offered to remove the code for you. When it was done, you responded 'Yes. All good now. Thanks.' At no point were you chastised, and you didn't respond as if chastised either. (Our agents would never chastise a merchant for deciding to uninstall.)

A couple other points:

1. Our plan picker works out of the box for most themes and designs, but your shop had a variety of blue backgrounds and text colors that was quite unique. While our app does include a style customizer, more in-depth customization would have been needed to match your site's unique style, and this is a service our agents provide FREE to all merchants. We want our app to look AMAZING on your site, and our agents are trained to help with any needed CSS. Just let us know, and we'll take care of it. No css needed on your part ;)

2. It looks like you were on our free plan. Many of our 135 5-star reviews are from merchants taking advantage of our free plan. It's a fantastic value and is something that Subify doesn't offer. (Subify limits their free plan to 5 subscriptions - making it more of a 'free trial'.) For our paid plans, unlike Subify, we don't take a 1% cut of your revenues. On $10,000/month revenue, that'll be a charge of $100/month without even including the app fee. Our plans are more feature-rich than Subify and we've got a lot of exciting features coming in the next few weeks including the ability to offer free or custom shipping on subscriptions.

Regardless, we're happy to hear you found an app that works for you. If it doesn't work out, please let us know. We'd be happy to welcome you back and help with any needed style customizations you needed :)

Chris @ Propel Commerce

6 de octubre de 2022

Needed help with the app and had some questions. The online support was not helpful so I book a zoom call. When the call came NO ONE showed up, contacted online support and explained what happened, again no help. I book another zoom call and guess what, no one showed up. My time was wasted again. I do hope they get it together

Estados Unidos
2 días usando la aplicación
Propel Commerce respondió 9 de octubre de 2022

Hello friends at starruniversity,

I'm so sorry this happened. The agent working during the time your calls were scheduled for was having difficulties with their Zoom account. Arrangements should have been made for one of our other agents to handle your calls, and I'm so sorry this didn't happen in your case. We've communicated to our agents how to better handle situations like this in the future. It will not happen again.

Chris @ Propel Commerce

4 de junio de 2023

The app says that it integrates with

Stripe subscriptions, Paypal subscriptions, Appstle subscriptions, Recharge subscriptions, Seal subscriptions, Shoppay subscriptions...

But as soon as I install the app, it doesn't allow me to use paypal subscriptions.

To use subscriptions, you must be using one of the following gateways as your payment gateway: Shopify Payments, PayPal Express,, Stripe. We do have PayPal Payflow Pro in shopify, but this app seems to be blind to it.

Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 21 horas usando la aplicación
Propel Commerce respondió 5 de junio de 2023

Hello friends at RevGenetics,

We're sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with the payment options provided by Shopify. Shopify only allows credit cards, Paypal, ShopPay, and as payment options for subscription products.

As soon as Shopify allows other payment options, we'll surely add them as payment methods in our app as well.

- Leo @ Propel Commerce