Instant Link Indexing. Fast Crawl. Boost Google Rankings.

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Backlinks Indexing

Google Safe and Fast Indexing of your web pages or backlinks. Get your links indexed in a bulk.

Boost your Google Ranking

Our tool index your non-indexed pages thus by increasing your Google SEO ranking.

High Indexing Success

We are using SAFE and Authoritative Source to index your backlinks.

ProSEOIndexer 정보

Struggling to get your pages indexed in Google? WE HAVE GOT A SOLUTION FOR YOU!!!

Get your pages and backlinks indexed in just a few days with our new Indexing APP - ProSEOIndexer.

  • Google Safe Indexing
  • Fast Indexing
  • Bulk Link Indexing
  • Web 2.0, Profile, Social Bookmarks, Blogs, etc Backlinks Indexing

We guarantee SAFE and BETTER indexing than any other app available in the market.

What ProSEOIndexer can do for you

Stop wasting your time building web pages that don’t index and therefore offer little to no benefits.

ProSEOIndexer will take your URLs and submit them up to Google using a new indexing Method called GSC! It might take around 5-6 days to index your links, but we are making sure that we are using a SAFE and Authoritative Source to index your pages or backlinks.

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Pro Plan


  • Monthly amount of credits 100 (1 Credit = 1 Link) = $0.05/Link
  • Google Safe Indexing
  • Fast Indexing
  • Bulk Link Indexing

Pro Plus


  • Monthly amount of credits 250 (1 Credit = 1 Link) = $0.04/Link
  • Google Safe Indexing
  • Fast Indexing
  • Bulk Link Indexing

* 모든 비용은 미국 달러로 청구됩니다. 월별 혹은 사용자 기반 청구를 포함한 반복 청구 금액은 30일 마다 청구됩니다.

3.8 별 5개 중

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I used this app for faster google indexing, as soon as I downloaded their app they started asking me to subscribe to their other services. I paid Rs.14,000 for SEO services. Their service us pathetic. Very unprofessional people. They use cheap keywords and publish them randomly on sites. I regret that I have used their service

개발자 회신

2021년 6월 13일

Hello Meghvi,

It is surprisingly to see this review because we never had any complaints or issues for the time we worked for you i.e. 1 monthly only!

Just wanted to make few things CLEAR from our end - You are saying we are targeting cheap words, I want to correct you. We suggested professional keywords research and gave you all metrics to choose keywords wisely and then it is YOU who gave us FINAL keywords and some are these - "mens casual boots", "bollywood sarees online", "floral organza sarees", "mul cotton sarees", "kurti shopping online", "lehenga shopping online", "jewellery sets online". Do you think these keywords can be RANKED on Page 1 in just 1 month of SEO work? Also the links we published are on WHITE hat SEO networks - Those are NOT random sites. If you think so, then you lack SEO knowledge.

Our services were ended in April 2021 and it was 1 month service and you are rating us NOW in June - again shows this review is published in negative manner to damage us rather than professionally. Anyway, we wish you success in your SEO marketing.

Rose Tinted Flowers

Will highly recommend everyone to install this app. It has indexed all my non-indexed Urls very fast and helped me to improve Organic Visibility. Thanks ProSEOIndexer Team.

In House Creations

I will give this app 10/10. No such indexing tool on Shopify which really indexes your shop URLs so fast and correct. I am really happy with the results. It improved my rankings a lot. Must try for all.