SEO Manager. Bulk Edit Meta & Products. Plug in SEO Optimizer.

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Bulk Edit - Meta and Products

Using our Bulk Editor, bulk edit your SEO Title/Meta tag for products, blogs, collections, categories and pages.

SEO Manager & Optimizer

Competitor Analysis, Content Ideas, Keyword Research, Content and Description Editor. Get data from tools like Semrush, Ahrefs and Woorank.

Traffic & Keyword Insights

Learn your traffic insights. Research keywords for your website from Google Search, Webmaster, Analytics, and Adwords.

ProSEOTracker 정보

ProSEOTracker - appear on top of the search results

With thousands of websites telling the same story on the internet universe, wondering how you can appear among the first few results of the search.

Try ProSEOTracker to help you out with all your Search Engine Optimization needs. Maximize sales for your product or increase the visibility of your company or make your target audience aware of your services – we not only maximize the utilization of Search Engine Optimization for your business’ digital presence but also let you delve deeper into the analytics of SEO. ProSEOTracker enables keyword research, bulk edit, monitoring of Google Analytics, optimization of meta data, etc. Know in details what this app can do for you:

  • Our SEO audit tool & SEO audit plugin effectively reduce the time taken for SEO-evaluation by detecting and correcting on-site errors. They allow you to optimize on-page, enabling your ability to influence search rankings.
  • Our SEO app allows you to bulk edit your products, collections, categories, pages and blogs. With our bulk editor manage all in one go.
  • Our SEO analysis tool & SEO analysis plugin allow you to analyze and judge the SEO ranking potential of your pages. It uses the same technology that search engines use.
  • It is an effective tool that works as an SEO manager that utilizes SEO to bring out maximum internet marketing capabilities.
  • Our app is at once an SEO performance checker. The tool will analyze your entire website and pick out SEO problems.
  • Our app is a virtual SEO Meta manager along with being an SEO Meta tool, SEO Meta plugin, and SEO Meta editor. It enables you to have the Meta tags and Meta data of your website on point.
  • Using our SEO manager tool you can also find out where exactly you fall in the results of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Our rank tracker does it for you.

Why your website needs an SEO Plugin?

Search Engine Optimization is a complex but calculated process. It is science. Thus you can’t be depending on instincts and hope that your website appears on the top of search results. All you need is an SEO app or SEO tool or SEO tracker which will help you with that.

SEO content needs to be perfectly designed. Your descriptions, titles, Meta tags have to be very calculated. Thinking of the cost? Our free SEO plugin do just that for you.

Already have a website but not sure if its content is SEO-proof? Use our free SEO tool to fix SEO issues. Our Plugin SEO app helps you with services like SEO errors fix, SEO issues scan, meta optimize, bulk edit and even SEO keyword suggestions.

ProSEOTracker is the best Search Engine Optimization tool that ensures that your website has good SEO health so that it can fetch you better profits and it's free!


  • Google Analytics,
  • Google Search Console

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Free Plan


  • Optimize Meta Details and Content and other feature for limited usage only.

Pro Plan


  • Bulk Product Edit
  • Bulk Meta Data
  • Check SEO Issues
  • Site Auditor
  • SEO Metrics
  • Keyword Planner
  • Rank Tracking
  • Google Analytics
  • AdWords Monitoring

Premium Plan


  • ALL PRO Plan Features
  • SemRush (Keywords, Backlink & Competitor Research)
  • Ahrefs (Keywords, Backlink & Competitor Research)
  • WooRank Audit

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Vendetta Vape Lounge

No doubt this app has lots of features that none of the others SEO apps are providing. We are also working with their Managed SEO team has been one of the best marketing decisions we have ever made. After starting our store SEO with them I can easily say that SEO has brought us more leads than any other form of marketing we have tried. They've increased positions for our keywords on all major search engines. Will definitely recommend to all of them. They are best in what they do. :)

Rose Tinted Flowers

Just one word to say "Awesome". This app has all the SEO features required. Their keyword research tool really helped in researching our keywords for the site. Great Support. +1 ProSEOTracker Team.

In House Creations

Effective, straightforward, and helps with SEO tasks without complication. Great Premium Tools like SEMRush, WooRank which cost me around $200 directly. But now we are getting for free in the same app Plan. The support is great specially Aurnab - fast and responsive. Love this app, glad we switched app to ProSEOTracker.