Avolin Protect

Avolin Protect

開發者:Avolin LLC

Fraud Prevention Platform

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Score users in real time

Protect analyzes all visitors and transactions in real time, providing a single score that assesses the fraud risk posed by each user.

Automate your workflow

Protect’s automated tools allow merchants to escalate order investigation and request additional verification for suspicious orders.

Extend your defenses

For even more protection, the full edition of NS8 also gives you access to a growing library of third-party extensions.

有關 Avolin Protect

Avolin Protect helps you minimize the impact of fraud on your business without blocking valid customers.

Avolin Protect is a comprehensive fraud prevention platform that combines behavioral analytics, real-time scoring, and global monitoring to help merchants of all sizes optimize order processing and minimize risk. Built on the Protect API, this app integrates directly into Avolin's platform and allows merchants to begin fighting fraud within minutes.



Our unique scoring algorithm tracks and analyzes over 170 user attributes and combines them into a single, actionable score, which allows you to easily assess fraud risk at a glance and automate your review process.

Real-time data

Rather than waiting until checkout to determine a risk score, our scoring engine continuously updates its analysis as each user interacts with your site. Evaluate all users, not just customers who make a purchase.

Behavioral analytics

Go beyond static data points to analyze behavior and pre-session data, which includes how users arrive at your site and their behavior once they get there. Our algorithm continuously adapts to new behavior patterns so you can better assess fraud risk.

Identity verification

Utilize SMS, email, and other verification steps as well as third-party integrations to verify suspicious orders. The level of impact on the user can be customized and is adjustable based on the score each user is given.


With over 70 criteria to choose from, you can automate order processing workflows using customizable rulesets. The combinations are nearly endless and allow you to create personalized defenses that are as dynamic as they are unique.

Ad campaign optimization

Use advanced analytics to identify bad traffic generated by fraud and detect its source. Determine which advertising campaigns are bringing in high-quality traffic and adjust any campaigns that are not attracting real prospects.

Live performance monitoring

Know when and where customers are experiencing site issues by monitoring responses from servers around the globe. Set custom alerts to keep your team informed of problems and prevent the loss of customers due to unexpected downtime.


With optional, per-use add-ons, you can take advantage of supplemental data and scoring provided by our industry-leading data partners. Extensions are available exclusively to customers using the full edition of our platform.

No coding or site changes required.

We handle the integration via the Shopify API. Once you install, just turn the features on, and your shop is protected immediately.

**Scores are defined as the total number of page views plus the total number of orders analyzed.


  • Google Analytics,
  • Google AdWords,
  • Verifi,
  • Ekata,
  • ThreatMetrix



定價 30 天免費試用

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Starter Edition

每月 $29.95

Flex Pricing at $1.20 per each additional 1,000 scores over 30,000.

  • Up to 30,000 Scores
  • Transaction Fraud Protection
  • Ad Fraud Protection
  • Performance Monitoring

Full Edition

每月 $100

Flex Pricing at $1.00 per each additional 1,000 scores over 100,000. Optional pay-per-use charges for NS8 Extensions.

  • Up to 100,000 Scores
  • Transaction Fraud Protection
  • Ad Fraud Protection
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Access to Avolin Protect Extensions

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** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

5.0 5 顆星


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House of Knives

Not only are the NS8 team extremely attentive and have your best interests at heart, the platform has...
1. Given me significantly more confidence in determining which orders are fraudulent
2. Safeguarding against possible chargebacks
3. Being able to set up automation rules to identify potential risks
4. Sending out auto verification messages
5. Blocking dodgy traffic from clicking through as retargeting traffic and saving money as a result which more than pays for this outstanding app...

If you are seriously about your store and wanting to grow your business, this is a MUST HAVE app.

Michaels Jewelers

As a jewelry retailer, we are often a target of various types of fraud. NS8's platform and order rules allowed our team to cut down on manual action by automating fraud risk evaluation on our orders. With a simple click of a button to review an order, NS8 gives us detailed insights about an order's potential fraud risk in great detail. Their onboarding team is also beyond helpful in making sure you get the most out of their product. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an automated fraud analysis platform for their e-commerce store.

AIME Apparel

Our not-for-profit organisation recently starting using the NS8 software to assist us in identifying potential fraudulent orders. As part of their on-boarding process, the entire support team at NS8 were so supportive and patient with our team as we learnt the new processes and asked all the silly questions. Gabe and the entire team were so great to work with - there's always a quick turnaround time in replies to any queries for assistance - and we're so happy with the results of the software.