Proveway Uptrack

Proveway Uptrack


Autosend Tracking Info to PayPal & Stripe

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Build Payment Gateway Trust

Win their trust by keeping every transaction transparent. We'll automatically upload tracking information for each transaction.

Save Money & Time

No more order based charges & manual work, Uptrack AI automates and provides high limits of tracking sync at lower cost.

Sync Unlimited Orders

Get UNLIMITED tracking volume every month. Have every piece of your order synced directly to your payment gateway accounts account.

关于 Proveway Uptrack

Build Payment Gateways Trust (PayPal & Stripe) , overcome RED FLAGS and chargebacks with this all-in-one App!

Why You Should Get UpTrack?

1. Supported Payment Gateways (Stripe & PayPal)

Sync Tracking numbers to both payment gateways (PayPal & Stripe) at the same time!

2. Date Based Sync

Select Starting and ending date timeframe, and sync all the tracking information available for the order received in that timeframe. Auto-Pilot Mode

3. Let UpTrack AI do the Heavy task.

It automatically syncs tracking information for newly fulfilled orders every 20 minutes.

4. Desired Sync URL

With UpTrack directly sync desired tracking URL to the payment gateways (PayPal & Stripe) instead of courier name since most courier are still not available.

About Proveway UpTrack

The goal is to keep your payment gateway (PayPal & Stripe) accounts away from RED FLAGS, funds in reserve and to reduce chargebacks to the lowest rate, or if possible, eliminate them completely. Maintaining credibility in the payment gateway (PayPal & Stripe) accounts may ultimately improve your margins and cash flow.

Payment Gateway (PayPal & Stripe), are the most popular online payment service providers, they also are aggressive eaves-dropper for every online transaction that happen through their platform. They wants to be sure that customers get their items delivered. For confirmation, these payment gateways (PayPal & Stripe) will ask that you provide proof of shipment. That is where UpTrack comes in. UpTrack will help keep ‘Order Tracking Information’ intact and have it synced from your store to your payment gateway (PayPal & Stripe) accounts after each successful shipment.

Along the way, customers will be able to track their orders and know when it will be delivered to them. Knowing the status of their item may reduce or eliminate customer complaints, saving your account from bad chargebacks and disputes. UpTrack will automatically send instant notification to the payment gateways (PayPal & Stripe) and your customer by providing tracking information on the go. This update is proof of transparent business with your customers.

Please note: We are not affiliated neither are official partners with PayPal or Stripe in any manner. Proveway's UpTrack only sends your tracking information to the payment gateways (PayPal & Stripe).


  • Intercart,
  • OCU,
  • Carthook,
  • Oberlo,
  • paypal,
  • stripe






  • 250 Tracking Sync/Month FREE
  • Stripe or PayPal (Any One)
  • Automatic Instant Sync
  • Submit Tracking for Old Orders



  • Unlimited Tracking Sync
  • Stripe or PayPal (Only One)
  • Automatic Intelligence Sync
  • Order ID Based Sync
  • Date Based Sync

High Growth


  • Up to 10 PayPal Connections
  • Both Stripe & PayPal
  • Order ID Based Sync
  • Date Based Sync

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

4.7 评分


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I used this app to help me with my Paypal account. The help I received was great, the gentleman was very helpful and the advice I received was way more than I asked for. Phenomenal service. Thank you

Mamie Réglisse

Excellent app and technical support. They resolved important bugs quickly. A great team, very professionals. We definitely recommend it.

Halloween Deals

To be completely honest, this app does EXACTLY whats it's meant to do about 98% of the time and it's great for just that. Have scaled over 100k with this and it has worked fine, no pay pal headaches. This app could be developed further to make it more consistent however, i recommend it for the price!!