Proviews ‑ Product Reviews Q&A

Proviews ‑ Product Reviews Q&A

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Product Reviews, Q&A, Google Shopping, Photo-Video, Carousel

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Photo/Video Reviews + Q&A

Photo/Video and Q&A plays a vital role in your store and help customers to choose the right product. Plus, UGC is a bonus.

Google Shopping Ratings

Generate Product Ratings feed for Google Shopping and Bing Shopping(Microsoft)*. Product Ratings in Shopping results improves CTR.

Customisable Review Forms

Review details may vary with the difference in the Type of Products. Tailored reviews about the products help shoppers take right decision.

Acerca de Proviews ‑ Product Reviews Q&A

Proviews helps merchant to increase their sales by adding a Product Review widget to their store. In addition to Product Reviews, merchants can now get the benefit of Product Q&A in all plans. Product Q&A boots merchant product authenticity and also create a strong relationship between them.

Review Reminder

  • You can setup one or multiple review requests for each line item. 

Order fulfillment strategy

  • Sending of review requests for the order will be based on the Complete Orders and Individual Line Item.

Email blacklisting

  • Email blacklisting is an advanced feature through which merchants can stop sending review requests to the particular email id.

Multiple email layout

  • Two types of layout are available for review request email:- Link email template and Form email template

Review Autopublish

  • Review Autopublish is another feature merchants can use in the application.

Verified buyer badge

  • The verified badge will be displayed whenever a review is curated through a review request(through email) and not through a product page.

Review Carousel

  • Review Carousel showcases your featured reviews to promote the product of the store. We recommend putting it on your homepage or cart page to maximize its impression.

All reviews page

  • A page where all your published product reviews are visible.

Simplified Dashboard

  • The dashboard is the graphical representation of events occurring inside an application.

Bulk Action

  • Bulk action feature is now available to save the merchant time. Review Publish/Unpublish, Q&A Publish/Unpublish are part of the bulk action


  • Filter is a process of removing or skipping unwanted information. This feature can be seen inside the Reviews and Q&A section.

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5.0 con 5 estrellas

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Honestly the app looks really amazing and the monthly fees are cheaper compared to other apps i'm really satisfied and the support is available all the time and they try their best to solve problem and make you happy , honestly I really recommend it more than the popular LOOX app


One of the best app for reviews, it is easy to Use and Setup, also best support by Meet Adhia and great development by technical team, highly recommend this app for product reviews and Q&A

Interiors by Elizabeth

Product tracks comments, questions and answers, sends out request for reviews. It is good and is worth adding to your site. We have used this on my site and I am happy with it.