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A group buying social marketplace

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List on Puppy

List the products you want to appear on Puppy. We manage your listing for you based on your product information already in Shopify.

Bulk Sales

See sales come in bulk, we guarantee 2 purchases at a time!

Easy Management

Orders from Puppy appear in your Shopify dashboard like your others.

Su Puppy

Puppy is a mobile app based marketplace that enables merchants to sell their products to our shoppers. On Puppy, shoppers swipe through products they like and dislike to decide what to buy. When they like a product with another shopper, they are able to buy that product together for a discount (group buy). Shoppers on Puppy spend more time discovering products in a video format. The majority of merchants that sell on Puppy find success by listing their products with videos and giving a group buy discount.

What You Get

Puppy gives your Shopify store the ability to reach thousands of new customers that may not have found your website before. As a merchant, our orders come in bulk (at least two at a time) as shoppers on Puppy are buying in groups. Puppy is easy to install as a sales channel and does not interfere with your current website. If you’re looking to expand your customer base and reach a new audience excited to discover your brand, give Puppy a try!

How it works

  • Install this sales channel app
  • Decide what products from your Shopify account that you want to list on Puppy.
  • List your product by adding a video of it. Products with videos see a much higher conversion rate on Puppy.
  • Give a discount on your products when selling on Puppy. Our users expect to save because they are bulk purchasing.
  • Orders will appear in your Shopify dashboard from Puppy when they come in on our sales channel.


  • Reach new customers on Puppy’s mobile app marketplace.
  • List and delist any product you want from your Shopify product catalog.
  • Get new orders directly from the Puppy marketplace.
  • Showcase your products in a new way!


  • Your store only sells pet products

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  • Informativa sulla privacy
  • support@joinpuppy.com


Installazione gratuita

Flat 20% fee on every transaction made through the marketplace

5.0 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Camp Zillaa

Such a cool app that has helped our brand grow. Before Puppy we sold to a few retailers but now the volume we sell on Puppy makes us for all those retailers combined. I really like being able swipe through the products on here and the video format of their app is great. Thanks for making such a good sales channel compared to other wholesale options


If you are looking to easily increase sales through a wholesale like channel, Puppy is the way. Their app is awesome and highly engaged. The videos are so cool and for our products, we love showing our video ads. Swiping through products is fun so make sure your videos stand out! I was hesitant to sell there because of the 20% margin they take but considering we give retailers 50%, their take seems minimal. Great app, thank you puppy

Signature Specialty Salon

The 20% margin they charge is minimal compared to when we sell on other wholesale channels and since we fulfill the orders ourselves, it is a no brainer to sell on puppy. We even get a customer's info like many marketplaces hide such as amazon. It was easy to get set up and start selling! Their app is awesome!