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22. November 2023

I installed the app hoping to streamline inventory management process. However, it turned into a nightmare.
The app's promised features were either missing or didn't work as advertised. The user interface is laggy, making it a hassle to use, and the updates that Praveen promised seemed to be non-existent.

1. Bugs in the app led to incorrect purchase orders, generating PDFs that had no resemblance to the actual product quantities in the app.
2. It failed to sync with Shopify products properly, resulting in outdated information and constant errors.
3. It ruined my inventory levels because of incorrect transfers during the PO receiving. As a result I had to manually restore all quantities across my inventory.

This app is a waste of time and money.

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2 tage mit der App
Droid Infinity hat geantwortet 1. Dezember 2023

You installed the application on 19th Nov. You requested a feature on 20th Nov and uninstalled the app on 21st Nov.

When you contacted us for the feature that you wanted, we informed you that we've plans to include it in the coming updates. But expecting a major feature to be implemented overnight is simply impossible and highly unprofessional.

We provided the other customizations you had requested like changes to the PDF templates, Email templates, etc., within a day. We also responded to all your queries within a few minutes.

Regarding your complaints:
1. You were checking the outdated PDF file in your system. If the PO is changed, the new PDF has to be downloaded again from the app.
2. You never mentioned anything related to product sync. If you had informed us, we would have given a demo to link the products with the supplier correctly.
3. You were testing the application with test POs but forgot to unselect the 'Transfer Inventory' option for 1 of the 5 POs you had created. So the inventory levels were updated on Shopify. We even offered help to undo these changes. But you informed us that you will update it manually.