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Easy-to-use live chat software with unlimited users and chats

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Boston's Best Jeweler


Developer reply

September 27, 2019

What a spirited review! There is no need to name call, though. We'd love to learn more about how it's more difficult to use. Please reply to our email we sent to you so we can help improve your experience. 😉


Extremely bad, because when I deinstalled the App I wasnt able to remove the chat widget/chat symbol from my shopify store, and noone from the support team is helping me out.

I didnt got an answer from the support since 3-4 weeks now!

Scam, terrible App Support und wasnt able to remove app from my store...

Brands Dropship Best Fashion Brands - Dropship

Been installed and first time i should use it for support at 9 am in the morning i can't login why is it not working with my Shopify login.

Changed theme yesterday though.

Can't use that

Hot Headz International

Had this app for a day so far and it is already not working. We will see what happens once support gets back to us.


This app was a dream come true, until the PRO Trial was over. Then it bugged, I was unable to pay for Pro du to this error. I reinstalled the app to find all my data gone and STILL got the same error. No reply from customer support for a week.

Error updating your plan
An error has occurred.


Buggy, dashboard never wants to load. Glad I didn't upgrade to pro.

The Cool Thing Store 2

Doesn't work, phantom people. The time trigger doesn't work: I configured the widget to show after the user has been on the page for at least 1 minute, but the widget just kept showing right away, regardless of what I had configured previously. The "Help button" on the dashboard doesn't do anything, I don't even know why it sits there. Tried to reach out someone on Twitter with no response. Don't bother installing this, it's not worth your time.

Beachn Designs

It's not working for me! Shows 0 visitors even though I am testing it myself on another device. I also turn "active" on, but if you select the chat icon prompts by showing I am not available (and I am) and it will send an email. I going to be looking for a replacement as this has been a waste of time due to the personalized efforts I have completed before seeing this app DOES NOT WORK!

While writing this review I have missed 5 people I could have chatted with, but again this app would have shown 0 current visits and would have lost the opportunity anyways!

Discovercbd Com

UPDATE: More glitchy than ever. Now its randomly turning itself on and off.. dissapearing, not loading etc.. a real mess. I woke up this morning to find it had turned itself on over night and we had missed a bunch of chats from customers which are now writing negative reviews about our company because of Pure Chat being so unstable. Turning itself on and off at random times is the norm now.

Review #1:Not the best, pretty glitchy both before and after the android update. Even on desktop computers it wont let you respond sometimes to customers. We have lost a few sales due to these issues. We have written in a number of times with our concerns but as of yet (several months later) there hasnt been any resolution. When it works it works great but when it doesnt work you lose customers and makes for angry patrons because they think you are ignoring them.


doesn't work well... has tons of glitches :( once we had 15 chats, including a few tests!) the chat box disappeared... not even the email feature works now... also it seams to have disabled some other apps such as the pop up window. Free version does not work if you have multiple stores... $99 would be a huge waste of money for us...