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10. februar 2024

I recommend this app for small businesses that have over 200 items in their shop and want to stay on top of pushing in-stock items to the top. It was becoming too time-consuming to do this on our own and with smaller stock qualities and a wide range of items, it's great to have this app deal with stock organization to optimize the customer experience and increase ease when shopping. Our sales have gone up after implementing this app and other than maybe some room for improvement, this app does exactly what it says it does.

Violette Boutique
3 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 17. august 2023

I would say that this app does an excellent job of pushing down and/or hiding product that is out of stock while also using tag exclusions as a way to ignore certain products. For example, we have pre-orders, which are "out of stock" so we don't want to have them pushed down or hidden, so we tag it with "pre-order" and tell the app to exclude any product with that tag.

One thing that I see being a huge area of improvement, which is why it is missing a star, is because it groups all the sales channels together when hiding product. Sometimes I only want to hid it from Facebook, but keep it on my store. For example, Facebook doesn't want out of stock product checked on Shopify, but if the item has a review on my store, I don't want to hide it as that assists with brand transparency and driving traffic.

I have already placed several future update requests including this one, but they don't appear to have any traction. I guess time will tell.

Other than that, great product and highly recommend.

Sparkle Castle
3 måneder bruger appen
merchbees svarede 15. august 2023

Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback. Your input is incredibly valuable to us, as we continually enhance our apps based on customer feedback. If you could also include these requests here:, other merchants will have the opportunity to upvote this request. Our priority for addressing requests is determined by the number of upvotes they receive.

7. januar 2021

I really wish that this app had worked for me. It seems really easy to configure and use, but it has one major downfall that makes it not work at all for my shop... It only pushes down out of stock items in Featured view. The default sort I use for nearly all of my collections is Bestselling, which I have absolutely no wish to change, so unfortunately the app just didn't fill my needs. If it worked on all views I would reinstall in a heartbeat!

Rhonda World
17 minutter bruger appen
merchbees svarede 11. januar 2021

Hey There,

We are happy to be giving this news. Our app now also supports the best-selling sorting type!🥳 I hope you will give us a second chance!