Push Notifications Marketing

Push Notifications Marketing


Multiple Push Notifications features to Boost Sales


High Opt-In Rate

The average opt-in rate for push notifications is higher as compared to email opt-in rate.

Non-Intrusive Marketing

Keep in touch with your users in a non-intrusive way, providing you with a slick marketing strategy.

Multiple Features in 1 App

We have multiple push notifications features to help improve on your sales and conversions, all in one single app.

有關 Push Notifications Marketing

Email Marketing? That is so yesterday. Enter Push Marketing Technology, the currently most trending marketing technology that everybody is using RIGHT NOW!

Keep in touch with your users

Push notifications allow you to keep in touch with your users in a non-intrusive way and send relevant information like rewards descriptions and special offers. They also provide a great way of getting users to engage in new promotions or features. This is a very effective way to improve on your business branding.

Turn inactive users into active ones

Push notifications are a good way to return your users. Through notification messages, you can provide your users with thoughtful reminders, personalised offers, and breaking news. If your mobile notifications can show direct personal value, you’re much more likely to retain users for the long term.

Improve Conversion Rates

Timely marketing messages are the best way to increase conversion rates because they can notify customers or create a sense of urgency. With mobile notifications, you can trigger immediate purchases. You send your users informative messages and thus letting them know about special discounts or limited-time offers in your online shop. In addition to this information, push notifications can offer instant purchasing with a single tap.

Constantly Introducing New Features

As push notification technology can be used with a wide array of features, we are constantly adding new features so as to better improve for your customer's user experience in your Shopify store.



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