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31. Oktober 2023

Having issues logging into my account. Please advise how to fix this.

The Press Club
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Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
PushOwl hat geantwortet 15. November 2023

Hi Team :)

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback, and we're sorry to hear about the challenges you've faced. We take customer satisfaction seriously and are committed to resolving any issues you may be experiencing.

It's important to note that Shopify takes up to 24 hours to publish reviews, after your review was submitted, we made multiple attempts to reach you to address the login issue with PushOwl. However, it seems that our messages may have been overlooked.

We would like to confirm that we experienced no downtime at the reported time. The login issue might be related to caching or adblocker settings. To swiftly resolve this matter, we encourage you to contact our dedicated support team at support@pushowl.com. They are ready to assist you and ensure your experience with PushOwl is seamless.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to helping you get the most out of our app :)

27. Oktober 2023

PushOwl has been a game-changer for our webshop. Its intuitive interface and personalized push notifications have significantly boosted our customer engagement. It is truly a must-have for any e-commerce business!

Fast 3 jahre mit der App
30. November 2023

great customer support, great app, totally satisfied with results, recommended

Golden Rose Cosmetics Pakistan.
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27. September 2023

Our experience with push owl has been highly positive, their platform is very stable, support is always available and immediate, in addition to being able to reach our customers in a direct and cost-efficient way.

Vibro Sculpt Massager
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Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
5. September 2023

I was very well taken care of. Gave important tips. Let's move on.

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6. September 2023

We've been loyal users of PushOwl for a solid 4 years, and our experience has been nothing short of outstanding. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, making it a breeze for those even with limited technical expertise to set up and dispatch push notifications. The tangible results speak for themselves, with our store seeing a marked increase in impressions, traffic, and revenue.

PushOwl's role in our growth has been undeniable. But it's not just about the results; the customer support is equally praiseworthy. Every time we've encountered a challenge or had a question, the PushOwl team has been swift and adept in their response, ensuring that our operations run seamlessly. PushOwl is definitely worth the investment!

Marijuana Packaging
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Etwa 4 jahre mit der App
25. September 2023

Great, easy-to-use app. Their customer service is great.

Pink Boutique UK
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29. August 2023

This app is exactly what we needed! It is easy to use, and the customer service is the best!!!! They respond very quickly on chat and to schedule meetings. Which I find really helpful when we need help. Rojen took the time to go over the app and the things we can do to use all the app features. Especially now that we are getting close to the holiday sales.

We have been happy customers for 3 years now.

Chill Paws
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Fast 3 jahre mit der App
17. August 2023

Pushowl has exceeded all my expectations in terms of excellence and exceptional service. From the moment I integrated Pushowl into my site, I've witnessed a significant increase in user interaction and conversions, completely transforming how I engage with my customers.

Pushowl's excellence is reflected in its user-friendliness and its ability to deliver tangible results. The intuitive and well-designed interface made setting up and customizing push notifications a breeze. I was able to tailor notifications to my needs, segment my audience, and schedule them strategically to maximize their impact. This translated to increased repeat visits and higher customer engagement with my store's promotions and updates.

Pushowl has proven to be a push notification tool that not only fulfills its promise of boosting engagement and conversions, but also goes above and beyond in terms of user-friendliness and exceptional customer service. If you're seeking an effective way to enhance customer interaction and drive online sales, look no further than Pushowl. Its excellence and focus on customer service make it a valuable investment for any ecommerce business.

Do it Center Online
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17. Oktober 2023

Awsome experience. Just getting started with pushowl. So far it's great.

The Outfit Den
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