Qapla' Connector

Qapla' Connector

od Qapla' Srl

Print labels, Track every carrier & Brand delivery experience

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Export Orders & Print Labels

Export automatically all your orders to Qapla' and start to print carriers' labels in only few clicks. Save time and avoid mistakes.

Track all your Shipments

Update automatically your shop with tracking numbers of all your shipments. One dashboard to monitor all main carriers.

Custom delivery notifications

Improve your customers' experience by sending customized emails and SMS with link to tracking page. Insert banners and cta to get new orders

Podrobnosti o Qapla' Connector

Qapla' is the platform that maximizes to square the opportunities of eCommerce in the shipping and after-sales process.

Qapla' is the unique dashboard for Shopify sellers to:

  • Print carriers' labels in only few clicks, by importing orders to evade from your shop
  • Update tracking status on Shopify website
  • Control shipments of all main international carriers
  • Manage tickets and problematic deliveries
  • Multi-store and multi-platform integration
  • Manage Returns form your customers
  • Send transactional emails and sms depending on the change of status of the order
  • Add banners, offers and suggested products to the delivery information in your tracking page and emails to get new orders (you can user-friendly drag&drop editor or insert html code)

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5.0 z pěti hvězd

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App facilissima da installare, perfetta per monitorare le spedizioni ed avere un servizio clienti rapido nelle risposte.