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QuickBooks Online + Commerce

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167 recensioni
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167 recensioni
Data modifica: 16 maggio 2022

Horrible support. Do not signup until they work out all bugs. Integrated B2B is not working. Customers cant log in, cant shop . Noone calls back from intuit. Cant get passed Tier one support. Have to spend hours on phne with them , just to review issue as they are chatting with some one from tech presumably on their computer. They only play messenger, not real support, and one can never be sure, anything is being done. Two weeks no B2B and counting. Not to mention several other smaller bugs. . UPDATE: I have reported several times and talked to several agents about B2B log in issues (No one is able to log in) for customers. I was assured fixing it is priority, and I will receive update on Monday January 31st. I have not heard from anyone, nor got an email, nor is the issue resolved. It has been over 4 weeks now.
UPDATE: still no better experience. Now Read/write is turned off between QBO and Commerce. Have to call every 48 hour to turn back on. Without it:
- bulk bundle converter is not working
- cant edit products on QBO and assign tax category . Commerce doesnt know what clothing means in NY state
- cant categorize classes on any transaction that comes from Commerce including POs.
- constantly have to do journal entries to correct commerce mistakes as simple voiding or deleting duplicate transactions (like refunds) doesnt work.
Requested email or call to supervisor 10 days ago, still nothing . Ignored.

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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 5 mesi
27 luglio 2021

Extremely bad customer support experience. This app keeps removing my inventory and adding inventory to sold-out skus, created tons headaches in customer services. Sent 5 emails in a course of 5 days because no one respond to you, finally got a response today, instead of providing a solution or just insight, they ask me to call their support line instead. Guess what, the supportline says they don't solve app issues and ask me to contact the app service.

Azura New York
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 5 mesi
23 settembre 2020

I have been using Trade Gecko for almost a year now and I wouldn't recommend it at all. I have constant inventory issues, you cannot speak to an actual person, I have had to wait over 24 hours for support to respond via email. It is frustrating and badly designed. I currently do not have inventory correctly syncing between Trade Gecko and Shopify which is causing endless huge headaches. I plan on leaving the platform as soon as I have the new solution in place. And will be throwing a party to celebrate.

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3 agosto 2020

I've been using tg for a while now and I can say with great assertion that their product is very well-built and is providing us great value in managing both our shopify store and many other sales channels. it also made our life easier when we introduced bundles products with shopify. I'd say don't get fooled by the negative reviews here on shopify as it seems may of them didn't really give tradegecko a fair chance before judging them

Tajamaly تجمّلي
Arabia Saudita
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 3 anni
29 luglio 2020

We set up a phone consultation to possibly swap to these guys instead of ShipHero. 15 mins before the phone call they sent us an email saying they don't support our business model (tactical equipment) and would not provide us service anyway. They wouldn't even take the call to see what our needs were. All we wanted them for was inventory management and sending POs to distributors. We do our own in-house shipping. I cant rate the product, but I can rate the customer service.......

HCC Tactical
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 14 minuti
Data modifica: 19 giugno 2020

We've been waiting for 2 days for a response on urgent technical support on what was meant to be a simple integration with Shopify. Disappointed by the customer service. Paying 5K USD annually and this is the service we get? Please respond urgently to Vivida Lifestyle and don't leave days before you get back to her reply. You are disrupting our business by leaving us unanswered during a critical integration phase.

Update : We are being well looked after, the team have contacted us since this review. Thank you

Vivida Lifestyle
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 10 mesi
Intuit ha risposto 18 giugno 2020

We're so sorry to hear about your experience! Your account manager is reaching out, as will technical support to address your issues and to ensure that everything is up and running.

4 giugno 2020

This company promised me phone support , and the platform they showed me in the demo is different than the functionality of the actual platform.

This software is extremely cumbersome to use and is not userfriendly at all.

They entice you with low prices and once you’re in they leave you out to dry .

Save yourself the aggravation and do not sign up with trade gecko

Silk Road Bazaar
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 2 mesi
29 aprile 2020

I had the WORST experience with this app. Upon installing it and connecting it to Shopify it altered my inventory levels for many of my published items causing them to appear as out of stock on my store. Fortunately, one of my clients alerted me so I wrote TradeGecko's support. They took forever to reply and since the issue was urgent, I had to manually go through the entire catalogue to fix the numbers only to find out the next morning that they had been altered AGAIN. Do NOT recommend downloading this app as it will alter your existing inventory levels and the support is extremely slow.

La Botica Verde
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 24 ore
Intuit ha risposto 29 aprile 2020

Thanks for signing up for a free trial yesterday. As the system is designed, when you sync with Shopify, TradeGecko takes over stock management and becomes the source of truth for inventory. As you you continue to update inventory in Shopify, TradeGecko will override as the single source of truth, as it serves as the 'master' of your stock. One of our team are trying to reach you to ensure that you are set up correctly.

17 dicembre 2019

Extremely poor onboarding and support. The functionality of the software seemed fine but than again, I never got to experience all of what TG can do for my company because of issues at setup. Their account rep and technical rep were in communication with me from the start, I cancelled in less than 30 days but they refused a refund. NOT IMPRESSED with TG Customer Service. Buyers beware!!!

Lily Fields Home
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 29 giorni
11 dicembre 2019

TradeGecko has been an absolute nightmare for our team. When the platform works, everything is great. However, we are now in Q4 and since working with TradeGecko for nearly 2 years they have yet to fully deliver on their promise. We have lost countless customers from people ordering product that is not in stock or vice versa. For a month now we have been passed around their support team and received no solution to the inventory mishap. We use TradeGecko for B2B and to integrate Shopify with our 3PL. A service they sold us on but have not delivered on.

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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Oltre 3 anni
Intuit ha risposto 12 dicembre 2019

Hello Knickerbocker, we're so sorry to hear about your experience! Your Account Manager has reached out to you directly to address the issues you mentioned and to ensure that everything is up and running.

Thank you.