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A partire da $35/mese. Possono essere applicati costi aggiuntivi.
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26 novembre 2015

This was not the worst experience ever, but a learning one for sure. As also stated in another comment, we also went through the whole trial, don't charge etc, and in the end they charged me the $199 plus the difference from the time period before. For a Canadian company after exchange was an over $400 charge for something that wasn't working yet? Also asked for a refund and they refused but wanted to give free months instead which is fine if you want to keep the product. Good thing is we have a good relationship with Visa and they are reversing the charges and flagging their account.

This company is based out of Singapore and not that I have a problem with that, but I do when you only work on your time zone, so any customers in North America would be a day behind, and they don't work weekends. Getting answers was like pulling teeth and very slow. We could not get amazon working which costs us in sales over a few weeks was insane. When someone finally worked on it, they discovered an error that should have been discovered weeks prior, and then to boot they did nothing about it to resolve.

Their own staff even told me that were short handed and they had a lot of new people that were still being trained, who says that??

Anyway I could write a book on my experience, and the only reason I give a three is they do have some good staff, and their product has potential and I could see work for some, but compared to some of their competitors, they are decades behind on what they offer.

Emart Canada
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21 luglio 2015

TradeGecko is a functional and easy-to-use order and inventory management system. That said, in the 6 months we've been working with Shopify-TradeGecko, we've experienced a few syncing problems between the two and mystery bugs that interfere with the customer experience.

In all instances where we've had technical problems however, the customer support teams from both Shopify-TG are stellar. They are friendly, helpful and reply in a timely manner, but I'm sure most users would rather not have to contact technical support in the first place.

Nuova Zelanda
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21 luglio 2015

Trade Gecko is not exactly what we were after at the time of switching to use the product but a program that supplied us with better integration with the programs we use did not exist to our knowledge. I find the integration with Xero an issue at times and the reporting is quite week. That being said the support team is great - by email. A phone of skype service would be great. It is a young company and I believe the product will only get better and better.

Yuki Threads
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Data modifica: 16 luglio 2015

The concept is good and for me its the best solution available at the moment. Three stars is because I find bugs with their system on a daily basis. In my opinion, $200 per month is a little too expensive given the bugs I have to live with. However they are willing to work on improving. Reality is that any solution will have its problems. I don't like that for $200 per month it only includes email support and I don't have a dedicated rep to handle our account.

On a positive side, they did fix the problem of orders from Shopify not being pushed to QuickBooks.

I know they are working on adding multiple suppliers per item, but at this point in time, it is a huge problem for me that each item can only have 1 supplier.

TG does not allow me to manually set my landed cost price. They force you to use their automated cost calculation which does not work for importers like myself. There is no way to input specific duty rates per item, so I need to do one PO per rate of duty and manually distribute the added costs to each PO. Not a big deal, but each PO can only be in one currency, ie if PO is in USD, and the broker fees are in Canadian, you have to convert the broker fees to USD. TG is not an accounting system, so you cannot apply line items to specific ledge accounts. I have to manually do ledger entries in my QBO account for each.

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