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QB is not capturing all the sales from Shopify. half of my online sales appear, and sales manually entered from the shopify app do not show up at all. please support, couldn't find anything online.

Gulf Soda Kuwait
大约1年 人在使用应用
Intuit已回复 2024年1月2日

Hi there, our team are already in contact with you to try and resolve this issue. In this specific case, it would appear that several products within your QuickBooks might be deleted/merged, and thus causing sales involving these items to be blocked. Please be sure to check that you have received our team's reply from support@onesaas.com to help get this fixed.


I was testing the system and needed help resyncing and Rom was great.

However, the app is a bit useless as it does not sync product info from Shopify to QBO. Need it to transfer inventory level and cost to QBO.

Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd.
5个月 人在使用应用

Great customer service through the chat feature however the app is clunky. I would expect seamless, instant transactions considering it is owned by Intuit.
Not recommended because it has lots of bugs. I had what support called "unknown errors" and orders that just didn't sync at all without warning or error messages despite the big green checkmark showing everything was working. An app like this needs to be 100% reliable once set up properly.
Just a few of the many bugs: Sync is extremely delayed. Can't set up customer payment terms to match shopify. Can't manually re-sync an order. Any changes on the Shopify order side are not re-synced.

Dalla Terra
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Intuit已回复 2023年10月2日

Hi Dalla Terra, thank you for trying out our app and providing this feedback. We have reviewed your chat interactions with us and we're sorry to say we cannot find any mentions of "unknown errors". For the vast majority of data that didn't sync without alerts, these are usually due to configuration mishaps. E.g. You may have ticked a specific filter. Please get in touch with our team via support@onesaas.com, and we can help deep dive into any missing orders promptly.

With regards to customer payment terms, yes it is true our app does not handle this matching. Our team are exploring this feature, however so far we have found that most B2C businesses do not require payment terms matching, or require incredibly specific custom rules which we currently cannot support.

As for re-syncing an order or syncing ongoing changes to the Shopify order, many of these limitations are tied directly to your QuickBooks. For example, you cannot amend line items on a paid invoice/receipt within QuickBooks.


Ben provided excellent customer service! and I usually get great service from this app. There is however a big problem, the app only updates orders on the initial creation - so if you need to update the order in any way - refund or upsell or any kind of customer service - the change will not flow through to QBO. If the app could update existing orders it would be 5 stars - but missing that function leads to complicated often unnoticed errors that can add hours of backend work to straighten out.

2nd Story Goods
5个月 人在使用应用

The set up process was nice and simple with live chat assistance and useful guides.
The problem is that, what appears to be a core functionality of the app is broken - the orders that are imported do not include any fees. No worries, I contacted the live chat and was told their developers would take a look at it.
I totally understand that bugs can happen.
What's odd, is that I have been waiting for a fix for over 2 weeks. Every time I contact them they say that the developers are still working on it. This isn't normal for a piece of functionality that people actually get this app for.

The only reason this review is 2 stars is that the live chat is quite responsive and extended my trial (which has been of no use).

2个月 人在使用应用
Intuit已回复 2019年6月16日

Hi Marssos, We're sorry you've been experiencing some delay in a solution to your problem. Our support team have reached out to you with a way to get this working. We're sorry for the inconvenience caused and please reach out to our support team if any further questions come up.


I really wanted to Like this App, The customer service response times are great. Our issue is the very limited Sales Tax Syncing capacity. Shopify collects sales tax Based on State County and City. However, Onesass Combines them all into one independent Tax item that must be created in QBO to match. So hundreds of tax items must be built in QBO in order to sync.

Badfish SUP
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Intuit已回复 2021年1月24日

Hi Badfish SUP,
Our support team has reached out letting you know that a QuickBooks Online has an automated tax feature that would help address having to set up sales tax per country per state. OneSaas supports this automated tax feature and syncs your sales data from Shopify to QuickBooks Online without having to set up a tax in QuickBooks Online per country and city. Please chat to our customer champions online if you’d like some help or more information on setting this up? You can chat to us online via our website or in-app or email them at support@onesaas.com
The OneSaas Team


Vincent has been helpful and good knowledge. but other team from support are useless. Had another person name Nona , a complete time waste , utterly slow. Re : App it has lots of limitation as one big flaw > you can’t batch edit products. A very simple feature with all similar apps provide but this one. Shopify integration needs a lot more improvements. All products in QB imported are non inventory and to change them to inventory I was suggested to do one by one A complete nuisance ! No guidelines from anyone to import - export from and to QB ( using or making some fields based on Shopify requirements ) I wanted to give more than 4 stars but considering few features as mentioned above I would rate 2 at this stage. Let’s see if I hear from anyone from serious about all this and can fix

Budget Beds
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All of my sales have come up as invoices though i have sales receipt clicked and it says they are all unpaid and overdue though they have all paid in shopify

DownLow Shop
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Intuit已回复 2021年4月14日

Hi DownLow Shop,
Thank you for taking the time to contact us. It looks like you will need to map your payment mappings in the app. We have experienced Customer Champions who would love to help you with this, please email them at support@onesaas.com or head to our website www.onesaas.com and you can chat to our Customer Champions online.
Chat soon, The OneSaas Team


Only sync 30 days history of orders. Ridiculous limitation which makes using the app mandatory from day one but not when the shop existed for a while.

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Intuit已回复 2020年7月18日

Hi Gemstec, We offer unlimited historical data on our annual plans - while at the moment we are unable to offer annual plans when purchased via the Shopify store, we can offer these through our website directly. Please reach out to our support team at support@onesaas.com to get assistance moving over to an annual plan and benefitting from the unlimited historical data that you are requiring.