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Quant Price

Quant Price

Developed by Quant Price

6 reviews
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  • Raise revenue 30% in 3 minutes with an A/B price test.
  • Compare how fast you accumulate profit at two prices you pick.
  • Only 200 customer purchases and 4 weeks required for statistical significance.

Quant Price is the only Shopify app does a simple A/B price test to compare total margin at two prices.

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How the app works

We've all seen how A/B testing in email marketing can boost conversions like crazy. Now, you can A/B test your product pricing.

You pick a price range for any product/s in your Shopify store. Quant Price will manage prices in that range. After at least 200 sales over at least 28 days, you will see a chart comparing how quickly your Total Margin grows at the two prices.

Want faster results?

Wish it worked differently?

Want to know more about how it works?

You've two options:

  • Email: support@quantprice.com

  • Schedule a meeting: Lets Talk

Quant Price reviews

6 reviews
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This app is useless for Mac users.


We had a problem with the app. It suddenly stopped, we had to restart the whole 28-day test from scratch. Upon restart the app wouldn't work properly and we asked for support. The only answers we got was 1) Get on the phone (to hear a pitch on something else) or option 2) paypal $195 to the creator. If any of you encounter app issues (since this new app has bugs...) prepare yourself to pay first before having a full app trial, as the support completely refuses to solve software issues if you don't pay them. Here is a message that we got just for asking to resolve the app issues so we can run a full app trial:
I've done my part building something FREE.
Here are your options to contribute:
Option 1:
Exchange your time for mine and set up a meeting at quantprice.com/meet.html
Option 2:
OR, buy time by sending $195 via paypal to ajo@quantprice.com
( Let me know if you need a credit card option )
If this is a problem worth my time:
... how do you want to support FREE software?


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