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Quant Price

Quant Price

Developed by Quant Price

6 reviews
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  • Raise revenue 30% in 3 minutes with an A/B price test.
  • Compare how fast you accumulate profit at two prices you pick.
  • Only 200 customer purchases and 4 weeks required for statistical significance.

Quant Price is the only Shopify app does a simple A/B price test to compare total margin at two prices.

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How the app works

We've all seen how A/B testing in email marketing can boost conversions like crazy. Now, you can A/B test your product pricing.

You pick a price range for any product/s in your Shopify store. Quant Price will manage prices in that range. After at least 200 sales over at least 28 days, you will see a chart comparing how quickly your Total Margin grows at the two prices.

Want faster results?

Wish it worked differently?

Want to know more about how it works?

You've two options:

  • Email: support@quantprice.com

  • Schedule a meeting: Lets Talk

Quant Price reviews

6 reviews
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Yeah this app is awesome. It was super easy to set up and simple. I looked at a few other solutions but just reading the setup process mad my brain turn into a pretzel. Quant price quickly develops a graph of performance at different prices and you can make a decision. The owner Joe is super helpful and reaches out directly to help you.


We have been struggling with costs and prices for well a year before discovering this is a hidden gem in the app store. Ajo, the founder, is very helpful and knowledgeable. We upgraded to the paid version to determine our flexibility faster. The end result is better/correct prices for our customers and increased profits.


It is easy to install and convenient to use. We have used it to sum up the best and the most suitable price for our items. Wow, I can't help giving it a good review, because it is really great. I really want to recommend it to the people who are running online stores.


Quant Price helped us test and optimize our pricing. Very helpful service!


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