Quick view + Announcement Bar

Quick view + Announcement Bar

作成: QeRetail

Let customers to quickly view products and keep them updated

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Reduce shopping time

Reduce shopping time, and improve customer experience. Increase your sales.

Increase Conversion Rate

Present your promotions with a fully customized bar on your online store. Convert visitors into paying customers and generate more sales.

Holiday and Event Themes

Background images bar express the holiday and promotion mood to your customers to increase conversions and generate more sales.

Quick view + Announcement Barの詳細情報

Quick view + Announcement Bar App allows you to add Quick view button to every product item that helps to increase the rates and provides announcement bar to promote promotion related to discount , sales and other special events all over the globe.


Quick View

  • Quick View helps your customer quickly view and buy products
  • Add a quick view button on every product item
  • Quick view popup shows product info (product images, description, product options , Savings , Product-type and vendors.)
  • Customize button’s text ,icon, color.
  • Customize popup’s color.
  • Next/previous product: endlessly surfing your products with next/previous button
  • You can add quick view to desktop and mobile, with mobile responsiveness.
  • The App will not only reduce the shopping time and increase the conversion rates.

Announcement Bar

  • App allows you to promote business updates ,promotions, Free Shipping Announcement Or Discount Code Announcement, Special Day Sales Announcement, Sales Announcement Or Customize Upload of banner for the store and can be displayed in all the pages also in the Quick View Popup as per the choice.

  • In this way it will help to attract the customer and to increase the conversion rates for the Store.

  • Announcement Bar can also contain information along with updates and also a Button so as to redirect to that particular page. Button Customization along with link can be updated from the App , along with its design.

  • Pre-designed for some of the special events along with customize upload can be done from the Application.

  • Responsive, and optimized Announcement Bar for all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

One click Installation:

  • Hassle free one-click installation. No developer help needed.


  • We are ready to assist you with our best customer support






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5.0 5つ星


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Sukriti Bangles

This app is great and very simple to use. It helps customers to browse product and navigate through them without opening a new page. Their seller support is excellent.



Thank you very much for your feedback and reviewing us. We really appreciate the time you took to write such a wonderful review.We're grateful that our app could help to enhance your online selling experience. We will continue the efforts to serve you better.

QeRetail Team


this app is great and very simple to use. it helps customers to browse product and navigate through them very quickly. The only issue i noticed that the quick view does not work very well with Apple Iphone, the background overlay is also covering the popup quick view window. i tested on android and it worked very well and product is nice and clear. I hope to have a fix for apple browser.



Thank you very much for review and feedback . however for iphone issue you mentioned we will check the issue and will definitely try to resolve it. Please share the store access and we will make it work properly .
Thank you very much .
QeRetail Team

Ann More products

Ok well I am wowed with this app., very very nice. I love everything about it. The quick view is the cleanest and the nicest I've seen and believe me...I have tried a lot of apps.. The announcement bar is also very nice, you are able to upload your own bar background which I didn't because I like the plain white background. I like the simplicity of announcement bar, the easy breezy install. I had a quick issue which was instantly taken care of and it's perfect! You just can't go wrong with this app.. so worth it. 5 stars and a definite recommendation to everyone. Thanks to the awesome developers!



This review made our day!
Thank You for taking time to review us here.
We're grateful that our app could help to enhance your online selling experience. We will continue the efforts to serve you better.