Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart

Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart

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Expedite Your Customer’s Buying Journey

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Quick Buy from Product Listing

Increase conversions and sales by displaying "Add To Cart" button on every product pages.

Sticky Add To Cart & Cart Icon

Show prominent sticky add to cart buttons to help your customers find them easily while they are scrolling through the page.

Fly to Cart Animation Effect:

Smooth animations to amaze your customers and make their shopping experience more delightful

Om Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart

QeSticky Cart comes with five essential features, which can increase your conversions and improve customer experience on your online store.

1. Show Fly To Cart Animation Effect

  • Wow you customers with some cool animation effect! As soon as the customer clicks the Add to Cart button, amaze him with a smooth flying animation of product flying from the product image to the cart
  • Smooth flying animation will run only if the selected product is successfully added to the cart and it will automatically get redirected to the cart page.

2. Show Sticky Cart

  • Another way to grab your visitors attention is the floating sticky cart button. That’s right you can now display a floating Sticky Cart on every product page.
  • The number of items added in the cart will also be displayed on the icon. After the customer clicks on Sticky Cart, the system will automatically redirect the customer to the cart page. *Play with different background colors, text colors and icons to make the most attractive floating cart on your website.

3-Sticky Add To Cart Bar

  • Floating bar that becomes visible either when customer starts scrolling or when customer scrolls beyond the original Add To Cart button.
  • The bar contains the AddToCart button so your customers can quickly add a product to the cart without going back up to the original Add To Cart button. Customization of background color and text color can be done from the App dashboard.

4-Sticky Add To Cart Button

  • This one is a button version of the above “Sticky Add to Cart Bar”. If you are looking for a minimalist button instead of a bar with all the features try “Sticky Add to Cart Button”

5-Sticky Add To Cart Product Drawer

  • Add a floating Sticky Cart Drawer on every product page . On clicking the Add To Cart Drawer button, customers can view the information related to that product and can quickly add a product to the cart. After the customer clicks on Sticky Cart, system will automatically redirect the customer to the cart page.

Select from a variety of cart icons available

Admin can configure the sticky cart to be displayed in only Mobile

Why QeSticky Cart?

  • Hassle free one-click installation. No developer help needed.
  • Catchy animation effects that are hard to miss
  • Conversion oriented user experience: Sticky Add to Cart Bar, Sticky Add To Cart Button, and Sticky Add To Cart Product Drawer allows for seamless buying experience for customers
  • Easily adapts to your current store theme and style
  • Easy to customize background color and text
  • Free quick fix for any type of technical snag in the app!

Happy To Help!

  • Feel free to reach out to us and share your feedback. Our support service is readily available to address any type of customization requests and queries.

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  • Sticky Taskbar
  • Sticky Bar
  • Sticky Icon and Flying Effect
  • Sticky Drawer
  • 24/7 Email Support

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Please help.

I Installed your plugin but had to remove it as it didnt do what i needed it to do.

The problem is now, even though i deleted the app properly, there is now a white transparent sticky header on all product pages which wont go away and wont even let me scroll down on ALL of my product pages.

Please help, I was hoping to literally launch my store tomorrow.

Quarantine Workout Kit

I had an issue with the app and coding, The app developers responded to my case very quickly and solved the issue very very quickly. HIGHLY recommend this app very much worth it!!

Udviklerens svar

16. april 2020

This review made our day! Thank You for taking time to review us here.
We're grateful that our app could help to enhance your online selling experience. We will continue the efforts to serve you better.


Just installed this app a few days ago. installation was quick and easy. had some questions that were quickly answered by their customer service team. overall a very good experience and the app is working well, would recommend ,thanks.

Udviklerens svar

7. april 2020

Thank you for your positive feedback! We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed the App!
Feel free to contact us if you need any help!