Contactless QR Codes

Contactless QR Codes

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Get people through checkout faster with easy to use QR codes


有關 Contactless QR Codes

QR codes have always been fast and convenient but adoption has been hit and miss, at least in the USA. Today, especially with the pandemic, these are becoming more and more ubiquitous for merchants big and small as they (maybe you?) try to offer their offline customers an online experience. Using this app you can start using QR codes on your traditional print mediums to drive online growth, create unique checkout experiences, or even provide a no contact experience at your retail location.

After installing the app you'll have the option to utilize QR codes in 3 unique ways:

  1. Send your promotions to your customers using Facebook Messenger
  2. Send your customers to your store product pages
  3. Send your customers straight to your store checkout with the item in their cart

Additionally, this app includes an optional announcement bar widget. Use the banner bar widget to complement your QR marketing efforts and send promotions directly to your customers from the top of your online store our just use it to show a clickable message.

We believe this is just the start of a new normal where QR codes are used by many to market goods and services and we hope you'll try out the app today.


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  • Facebook Messenger





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