Quality ‑ Product Data Watch

Quality ‑ Product Data Watch

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Keep perfect control of your product data

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Your data under control

Quality ensures you have filled all the product data required to optimize sales, according to your store configuration.

Fully configurable

Quality only checks your product data for the rules you have selected and adapts to your store constraints.

Daily check

As human beings, we often make mistakes so Quality runs a check every day to detect any error asap.

关于 Quality ‑ Product Data Watch

You are in control

Shopify is a great platform to run an online shop and sell products. However, as a shop owner, it's hard to ensure all the required data is filled for every product. It's easy to make mistakes or forget to add some important info, or to think a product is online when you have forgotten to add it to a collection or have hidden it from search engines. As your store grows, it gets harder and harder to have everything in place.

Quality is here to help

With Quality, you select the rules that your products have to follow. For instance, you can select the minimal number of pictures a product must have, the price range it should be within or the minimum items you should have in stock. Quality checks your data against these rules everyday, greatly reducing the error rate that could jeopardize some sales.

Fully configurable

Every shop is different. You select the rules that Quality must enforce as well as the time of the day you want to receive your Quality daily reports.

Full list of rules

Here is the full list of rules your can activate or not for your store products.


  • all your product pages are visible / hidden to search engines.
  • all your product titles have a length of at least / max characters.
  • all your product descriptions have a length of at least / max characters.


  • all product have a stock of at least XX items.
  • all product variants have a stock of at least XX items.


  • all product variants have a price.
  • all product variants have a price lower than / higher than a given price.
  • all product variants of a given product have the same price.


  • all product titles have a least of at least / at most XX characters.


  • all product descriptions have a least of at least / at most XX characters.


  • all product variants have a weight properly filled.
  • all product variants weight are in the same unit.
  • all product variants have a weight of at least / at most.
  • all product variants of a give product have the same weight.


  • all product variants of a given product have the same SKU / different SKUs.
  • all product variants respects a given regular expression.


  • all product variants barcodes contain digits only.
  • all variants of a given product have different / similar barcodes.


  • all your products are available on your online store.
  • all your products are in 1 collection at least.


  • all your products have a product type properly filled.

At your service!

You'd like Quality to follow some other rules that are specific to your store? Let us know, we will be delighted to help!


Soon, Quality will also be able to check your metafields! Do you want to be among the first ones to have that feature? Let us know!



定价 14 天免费试用

Less than 250


  • Shop with less than 250 products.

250 to 499


  • Shop with between 250 and 499 products.

500 to 749


  • Shop with between 500 and 749 products.

750 or more


  • Shop with more than 750 products.

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I usually don't leave reviews but this app is great ! Especially if you have a lot of products and you want to keep control on basics. I use it especially for my on-site SEO (no image without alt text, length of SEO description, no product outside collection...) but there are many options. The developer was so kind to listen to my suggestions and implement some of them ! Keep up the good work.