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Quantity Breaks - Tiered Pricing & Bulk Discounts

Quantity Breaks - Tiered Pricing & Bulk Discounts

Price: $16.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Apply Quantity Price Breaks based on how many products a customer buys.
  • Let your customers get a quantity break if they buy a certain amount of one specific product OR of a number of products in a group!
  • Bulk apply Quantity Breaks to individual products, collections, brands, product types or your entire store!

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Introducing TIERED PRICING and QUANTITY BREAKS for Shopify!

This has been by far our #1 MOST POPULAR REQUESTED APP! It will forever change the way you manage the pricing in your Shopify store!

☞ See it in action Here!

(On this demo site add a hat to your basket and then increase the quantity and see the magic happen! Here's the video of how we created the quantity breaks you see on that demo site)

What real store owners are saying about this app:

★★★★★ "This App is a fantastic selling tool. Easy to install and input pricing data, and just as easy to implement pricing changes when required. This product will raise our selling price for small orders and secure larger sales without the time spent providing bulk discount quotes. Could not recommend more highly for any website"


★★★★★ "This is an app, or feature, that I've been waiting for quite a while for. It does not disappoint. It is smooth to install and anything that I have had any questions about the staff has immediately responded and helped me out. Great app, but only strengthened even more with a great staff."

- Tone Deaf

★★★★★ "I would recommend any of Shappify's plugins. This new Quantity Breaks app just does what it says on the tin - not often you find an app that does that!"

- Infinity Pro

What does it do?

This app will allow you to create different price tiers for products based on the quantity a customer buys. You can set it so they have to buy a certain quantity of one specific product or of any product within a group of products. It's your standard bulk pricing, quantity breaks or tiered pricing sale :-)

For example...

You can set it up so a customer needs to buy 5 or more of one specific SKU and they get 10% off, buy 10 or more of that SKU and get 15% off and so one. Of course they can buy only one as well, they just won't get the discount :-)


You can set it up so a customer can buy 5 of any product in a GROUP to get the 10% off (Buy 5 or more of any hat, get 10% off or buy 10 or more hats in total and get 15% off).

Show the customer how much they are saving!

"You saved $23.71 today by buying in bulk!"

Add one little snipped of liquid to your cart page and it will automatically show your customers how much they're saving by buying in bulk.


You can customize everything about the way your quantity breaks & price tiers display. It can be a table, a grid, a custom sentence and more. You can also customize all the colors, fonts, borders, padding, margins, backgrounds and much more. If you know CSS you can add that in too! This app also works for any language because you can customize every word and phrase it uses.

Save Time, Bulk Assign!

When you create a price tier you can apply it to a single Product, a Custom Collection or Smart Collection, a Brand, a Product Type, a Search Filter or just a bunch of hand picked products. It literally takes seconds to add price tiers to your store!

Wanna watch the 15 minute instruction video?

This video goes through in full detail how the app works and how to create the different types of quantity break groups. Click here to watch video

This app is something that can help almost ANY store! You've got nothing to lose, it comes with a money back 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try it out and increase your sales today!

Common Questions

Q - Is there a liquid update to my store required?

Yes, for this app to work properly on your theme there will be a fair amount of liquid that needs to be updated.If you're comfortable with that kind of thing, there are instructions in the app. If you're not comfortable with code and would rather leave it to the pros, no problem :-) We can do it for you! There will be a button in the app to request us to do it for you. There's a one-time charge for the install but don't worry, if for any reason you uninstall the app during the trial period that is 100% refundable.


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Turn your store into a marketplace just like Amazon or Etsy! Other merchants, or resellers, can list and sell products through your store. They ship the orders themselves, and you just take a commission for being the Marketplace :-)


With this app you can accept recurring payments on products or an entire cart! Customers select to purchase them in a recurring fashion such as every 2 weeks, 1 month etc... It integrates seamlessly into the normal Shopify checkout flow and has a full admin for customers to be able to manage their own recurring subscriptions.


This app allows you to manage order faster PLUS create custom statuses, merge orders together, add surcharges and products orders after they're placed, sub accounts for shippers and sales reps, order status pages and more!


Have you ever wanted to accept donations on your shopify store? This app allows you to accept one time, or Recurring donations on your store!


This app allows you to sell by any measurement area you like! For example by the Square foot, Cubic inch etc... Your customers can enter length, width, height, or any measurement, and then the app does the math and calculates the price. It's like Magic!


This app will automatically tweet and post to Facebook every time you create a new product or blog post. The tweets are customizable and randomized so you don't look like a robot ;-)


A full-featured returns manager app that allows you to set return rules for different products in your store. Customers can submit Return, Exchange or Credit requests themselves through your website. They can also manage and check on returns themselves and you have a full backend to set custom statuses with custom emails and sooo much more!


Enter phone orders with custom products that don't exist on your store! Modify prices and details of products on the fly when entering orders and then send payment emails to customers with payment links. Manage orders with unlimited custom statuses too!


Add a custom Product to your website! Customers can go through step by step and build a custom product, kinda like a build your own car on automobile websites :-)


This new app allows you to create bundles sales. Sales like "Buy the set" or buy the package and get a deal! You can create bundles by product (buy this hat, this shirt and this accessory and get a discount) or by collection (for example buy any hat, any shirt, and any accessory and get a discount


The only way to offer tiered pricing on your store! Quantity breaks allow discounts for bulk or quantity purchases. For example Buy 2 or more get 10% off, Buy 10 or more get 20% off and so on... You can set the levels to whatever you like.


This is a nifty little app that allows you to create goals like free shipping and then each time after a customer adds something to their cart it lets them know exactly how much more they need to spend to reach that goal


Be one of the first Shopify stores EVER to turn your Shopify store into a Windows 8 App! Customers can install your store app from the Windows App Store on their Windows 8 Desktops and Surface tablets.


Offer different price levels such as Gold, Platinum, WHOLESALE etc, on your site! Manually tag customers to groups or let the app auto-tag them based off sales and display different prices on products, collections, brands, types or on your entire website when they login!


Add options to every product in your store with ONE CLICK! ★ NEW FEATURE: Change prices with the options and use conditional logic to show or hide options based on what's picked. With this app you can add UNLIMITED options to a product, and have more variety such as File Uploads, Custom Text, Radio Buttons, Yes/No Checkboxes... PLUS you can BULK APPLY & EDIT Options! Add a Gift-wrapping option to your whole store with 1 Click!


Storewide sales and Daily deals with a few clicks! Schedule sales ahead of time or add Daily Deals. Add live real-time countdown timers to sales, in 3 click put a collection, a brand, a product type or the entire store on sale & add icons to any item on sale!


"The app that pays for itself! Add customized upsell offers that get offered at checkout to every item on your store. Buy earrings, offer the matching necklace, buy a jacket get offered the leather treatment kit... you know the drill!


100% Positive Review Rating! Add all your dealers or stores on a beautifully designed store locator map. Customers can get directions, plus use the reports to see where people are searching for you... and want you to be!

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Quantity Breaks - Tiered Pricing & Bulk Discounts reviews (464)


We do NOT recommend this company. We have tried multiple apps from this company, and all have been completely useless, and worse, hurts our site. We asked them to install the app, and it took them a full month for them to install it - or at least get any response back at all after 5 emails that the installation was completed. What is even worse than the apps themselves is the horrible customer service. We have emailed 2 different Bold Apps support email addresses on July 8, 9, 10, 13, 15, and 16 with no response from either. Before adding this app, we asked specifically if this app would work with this specific theme - because we understand if an app isn't compatible with some themes. They said yes, this app works with this theme and will not have issues. The app, of course, had issues and completely messed up our site (frozen product pages, applying completely different product prices that we didn't originally have), and had to go back and delete and re-add over 1000 products to remove their ingrained coding that codes itself to each product. We had to waste countless labor hours to get our site back to its original state, with absolutely no help on their end. Like other reviews have said, their customer service blames our site for their app issues and have a "too bad so sad" attitude, and then doesn't respond to any of our emails once any issue arises. We do NOT recommend this company for any of their apps (we've tried 3), because their apps will most likely not work with your theme (we've even went out of our way to purchase themes they said would work), ruin your website, and especially because their customer service is the worst we've ever encountered.


Not impressed. I suppose they did the best they could with some of Shopify's limitations, but this app has been a headache. First, changes are not immediate. They have to re-write your entire store inventory to add the discounts, which takes time. Second, it adds a variant for each existing variant and price break. We have many products with 50 or so variants to start. This will add a price break variant for each break and existing variant. This puts us over the 100 variant limit for many products. Finally, it has stopped working many times. Mostly, it re-starts, but of course that leads to multiple customer service issues I have to deal with. Most recently it stopped working and they blamed it on some script code they claimed was on my site from another app it was interfering with. I had never heard of this code and never installed anything prior to it's failure. They're response was basically too bad so sad. Call this other app company you've never used or heard of and ask them to fix it. Ummmm...no. Deleted the app. Will find a work around to this clunky, at best, app.


Best Support EVER!! There are so many apps out there that will provide similar functions; however, the support is what we all need. I am not a computer guy and can't code at all. Even a simple HTML will crack my brains.

The Bold team will help you even with the smallest things you ask and they will get down to it. I am so happy I paid to get this app for my shop. It is now looking better than ever! Love it!

If you are worried because the cost is a little higher...dont...it is totally worth it.
Thank you for your wonderful support!


This app works like a charm. We've only just installed it and started to use it, but the experience so far has been great. The app settings are easy to use and the tech support is fast and reliable. Cheers guys!


Awesome app and incredible support. I purchased this app (free trial) and had some issues installing it because some code needed to be installed into my theme files. Support was very quick and professional in installing it for me, once I picked their installation service. They were also kind enough to help me install another of their apps on my store at the same time, for no additional cost. These guys not only have great products, but they 100% know how to look after their customers!

Needless to say, I'm in the process of installing more of their apps. 5 Stars well earned, thanks for your great apps and of course service.. I'm one happy customer :)


Very pleased with the software as well as the support staff. They are on the ball and have created a great product. Does exactly what I needed it to do. Simple, powerful and versatile.

Highly recommend to others who have a need for Discounts and Tier Pricing.


An excellent, easy-to-use app with great customer support!


This app is great and is good value for money, a couple of issues though. The custom CSS doesn't seem to work for the table, meaning we can't add any padding around the table.

Another thing is that on the checkout page, the text that says 'you saved......' is a totally different size to the text that says shopping cart, and also appears just after the t in shopping cart.

Other than these small problems great app!


Excellent app and great responsive service. Highly recommend this app for its features and ease of use!


This is exactly what we were looking for. When we purchased the app, we were told it would be about 48hrs before the liquid changes would be made. To our surprise our store was up and running with quantity breaks within 14 hrs. The app is exactly as described and the answer to the missing piece we needed. We are very pleased with the options available within quantity breaks. Thank you bold apps.

Update: We have had this App installed for nearly two years. Every once in a while we run into a hiccup that needs attention. The Bold apps team always responds quickly to take care of the issue or just to answer a question. On going customer service is important and we truly appreciate the continued timely support we receive.

$16.99 / month
30 days

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