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Bewerkt 17 februari 2022

Great app and even better customer service! We're using the app to set up volume pricing tables on our products. The setup was pretty straightforward. Any questions or hiccups were quickly solved by the customer service squad. I would recommend this app. **Update** We've been using this app for about 2 months now. It works and has helped drive almost $100k in revenue for our items with volume pricing. Unfortunately, we had to switch to a different app. We have another app installed that also uses the Shopify Discount codes section to calculate a custom price. It would create or edit discount codes which would knock Bulk Discounts out of sync with the codes and ultimately hide the discount code field on the front end of the site. We would manually have to resync the codes to have the field show up, to only be knocked down shortly after by the other app. The other app isn't replaceable so unfortunately, we had to switch to an alternative volume pricing app. I think this scenario is pretty rare, our website is just "extra" lol. The Bulk Discounts team has been extremely helpful even when they knew we would have to move to a different app. Much appreciated & very professional.

Grower's Solution
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Website On-Demand heeft geantwoord 21 december 2021

Hello friends at Grower's Solution

We are happy we could assist! Thank you for leaving us this great review! We wish you and your store great success :-)

Tanu & The Bulk Discounts Now Support Team

8 november 2021

Had some initial integration issues whereby the discounts weren't applying in the shopping cart. Jabir connected and was able to fix in a timely manner. So far so good and price breaks appear to be working now as expected.

Siser's Palace
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Website On-Demand heeft geantwoord 11 november 2021

This is music to our ears 💕
Thank you so much!! We're just glad everything is working as expected now on your store.

Chud and the Bulk Discounts Now Support Team

PS: Jabir is having a Pizza party 🍕🍷🍕

24 augustus 2021

This app is perfect for our requirements (Tiered discounts e.g. buy 4-9 products get £5 off each item etc) Very easy to make changes to language used and layout, colours etc. Had a couple of issues with spasmodic support early on which was frustrating as we like the app & happy to pay for it. Since then they did explain what things could be tweaked with our issue and is now working the way we wanted it to.

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Website On-Demand heeft geantwoord 30 augustus 2021

Hi friends at Headsets4business,

We are pleased to hear that you are liking our app so far! Vlad and the rest of the support team were so happy they were able to assist you with your issue. Let us know when you'll officially launch your site, and we'll ensure that our app works 100%!

- Chud and Bulk Discounts Now Support Team

6 september 2020

Very good, fast and helpful support!

Unfortunately the app doesn't work with my theme and the support couldn't solve the problem either ... I'm sad ... I would have liked to have paid for the adaptation! Now I've deleted the app from my shop and installed another one ... now everything works and I'm happy :-)

App gebruikt gedurende 2 dagen
Website On-Demand heeft geantwoord 7 september 2020

Hello friends from Textildruck-Großauflagen!

Thank you for leaving us this review, we really appreciate it! We're really sorry to hear that the app doesn't work with your theme, will definitely work on that for future updates, thanks for leaving your feedback, we sincerely appreciate it! :-)

-Melissa and the Discounts & Quantity Breaks Support Team

4 juli 2020

Great app..does what it's supposed to do..Service is great..my interactions with Amir, in particular, was wonderful.
He invested a lot of time to resolve initial glitches.

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Website On-Demand heeft geantwoord 8 juli 2020

Thanks for your awesome feedback! Our support team also appreciates the kudos!!, please let us know how can earn that fifth star!.

28 juni 2020

The support guys are more than 5stars, their resoponsiveness is amazing and work even on weekends, reason why iam giving the app 4 not 5stars is because it doesn't show discounts if buyers click the express checkout buttons and therefore, most of em leave thinking they were about to be scammed coz they saw the discounts in the product page but not in the checkout....the apps solution somewhere in their manuals (like we do ever read apps guidebooks) is to hide the express button from cart page...kind of acceptable but they should be pointing this catastrophic flaw since day one and after two seconds of installation.
If they ever do that i'll definetly take this back and rate it 5000stars coz they honestly have a great support highly diffrent from the rest of the apps!

App gebruikt gedurende 9 maanden
Website On-Demand heeft geantwoord 29 juni 2020

Thanks for the feedback! Our support team appreciates the kudos :D I understand how frustrating this express checkout issue can be. Express checkout buttons on cart pages are incompatible with every discount app - not just Quantity Breaks Now - and so we recommend hiding them. I'll make note that we need to do a better job of communicating this limitation when people first install.

Bewerkt 15 mei 2020

I like the way this can be use with no big problems. It is a good tool to increase size of orders. I recommend it

IWC dba BVISellers
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28 april 2020

I downloaded the app recently for a QTT Break use. I wanted to change colors to match my website and customer service was very helpful. It works OK... the only thing is that when you change one setting, it messes up the rest so you need to double check everything before confirming. Website is not live yet so I'll see if it works ok when used everyday...

AYNI Treasures
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Website On-Demand heeft geantwoord 29 april 2020

Hi there - thanks for the feedback! Please contact our friendly support team at support@websiteondemand.ca if there's anything we can do to help.

21 april 2020


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Bewerkt 20 maart 2020

Not bad, didn't mess my things up. The last app i used mess my stuff up. The only thing is that it doesn't show the discounted price on the cart which may lead to customer leaving the website with abandoned cart. Please add the feature. Otherwise, everything is ok for now

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
Website On-Demand heeft geantwoord 20 maart 2020

Hi there! Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like we may need to tweak some account settings to get things working with your theme's cart page. Please contact our friendly support team at support@websiteondemand.ca, and we'll be more than happy to help.