Bold Quantity Breaks

Quantity Breaks, Tiered Pricing and Bulk Discounts all in one

$20/month. 14-day free trial.


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Relatively easy to use.
After removing it ( uninstall ), the prices on my products stopped to change as you modify the size. That is inconvenient. Also, an old copy of my theme won't fix my issue. We have spent so much money and time on our theme to make it look the way it looks now! We're unhappy with this.


The app is the best possible solution given that Shopify cripples their software if you're not on their Plus plan. Bold commerce had to do a odd solution of adding hidden variants on products, and you can not rename these. You also need to know when to turn on/off the product sync in the Quantity Breaks app, else the hidden variants may break. There's also a quirky page reload of the cart for the prices to update. Bold's FAQs cover all of these exceptions.

If you're on Shopify Plus, you can write / find a 25-line script for the Script Editor app that does all this with ease, and using the built-in Shopify discount functionality.

Zapptales Book Store

The app does what it is supposed to do (and pretty well I have to say). However, It took the support over a week to solve an install issue, which didn't allow the app to work properly. I had to insist 4 times to push this critical issue forward. Everywhere I go (other shopify apps and tools I use) I experience this awesome, fast and efficient customer support. Bold has definately been the exception to the rule and has reminded me of the time where people had not understood the importance of a turbo-charged customer support. I would suggest improving the response time.


My original review, posted when my store first migrated to Shopify in January 2016:
5-Stars. We're thrilled with the Bold Quantity Breaks app. In beauty merchandising, the "buy 2 and save" is a common offer, and we were very happy to discover this app. Bold support was very helpful in sorting out a minor display issue with our theme... we needed to hide the border on the fake variants created by this app. They solved this in no time. We are also satisfied with how the app and the "fake variants" play nicely with our shipping app. Customization was easy, Very powerful. We've noticed far more orders with multiples than ever before, even though we used to offer the same price breaks -- but the way the Bold app let's us display the offer has encouraged the 2+ orders. And being able to jump collections!! This is a win. Priced just right. Thanks, Bold!


3 months later, I am taking 2-stars away, because Bold Quantity Breaks is not "playing nice" with Facebook Shop feed. Bold support is telling me I'm on my own here... If there is a product with 1 @ $20 and 2+ at $16 each, Bold is publishing the 2+ to Facebook shop along with the 1x price. So there are duplicate items in the Facebook shop and one is full price and one is discounted. Which one would you click on if you were the customer?

Bold support didn't seem to think this was important enough to fix or find a workaround or even suggest speaking to the dev team. I'm looking for an alternate solution.

2-weeks later: learning that the hidden variants creates a mess if you use any other app that needs to pull "price" -- for example, Klaviyo or One Click Upsell.

So in addition to Facebook, this is turning into a mess. Customer are confused. I have to make this app go away if they cant hide the "hidden" variants from the product API feed. Taking another star away while waiting for Bold to get back to me on this.


We've built our store using several Bold Apps, and they all worked great until we went live with the store and switched to the actual store domain. Our server is protected with Cloudflare (which Bold also uses to protect their own servers), but this caused the apps to cease working properly. We've gone back and forth with Bold several times trying to find solutions, but they've finally ceased to answer emails or phone calls. This is a glaring weakness in their product line if they cannot support customers who use the same server security software that they use themselves.

We've begun to run into multiple customer service issues due to our inability to get the apps functioning properly and are going to have to remove all the apps and cancel Bold services. Sadly, there are no other good products in the app store that will fill the void. This causes a fundamental flaw in the way our entire store works. So buyer beware, don't built your business on Bold. You may find yourself left out in the cold.

My Wedding Decor

I signed up with Quantity Breaks on 13 April when the free trial period was 14 days. I notice the free trial has been extended to 90 days. Why? This group of developers has become too busy for its - and your website's - own good. The discount interface seems straightforward enough however it simply fails to work with Retina, one of the biggest themes on Shopify, without having to pay for coding help. They were apparently busy until ate May/early June but managed to fit me in when i complained, took payment, did a theme that I am unwilling to publlsh until it works properly. Four working days later, I have still not received a s response to my queries to get this fully working snd operational. Their live chat service during working hours seems to be permanently offline...

Shoreline 2

The app does what it promises. No doubt. The catch is, it's the only game in town. No other app on Shopify performs this basic function so well, and if you need to do any sort of tiered pricing, you really need this app more than any other. But what this means is that they can get away with some weaknesses: The interface is painfully clunky, and the in-app search function rarely works, such that it often takes 4 or 5 tries to find the products you're discounting. The app's appearance options are really limited, and result in awkward displays like "5—+" for unit numbers, where it should just be "5+". And, finally, the way they create discounts on the back end is particularly confusing—they create multiple variations of each SKU with "3+" and "5+" attached to it. Surely there's a way simply to discount by number without all this baroqueness, but, like I said, this is the only game in town.

**UPDATE** This app overrides Shopify's inventory system, and allows customers to purchase MORE THAN YOU HAVE IN STOCK. This is a total failure. We didn't notice this major flaw in the app until we had a sale on a limited-stock product. The app forced us to do daily manual inventories until the sale was over. We'll keep it around because this is the only tiered pricing app on Shopify. But buyer beware!

**UPDATE #2** Our frustration grows with the the issue mentioned above: This app allows you to sell more than you have in stock. We keep having to apologize to customers for the dreaded Website Inventory Issue. This app is responsible for much customer anxiety, and this one weakness makes our site seem amateurish. It sure would be great if the developers would find a fix for this obvious design flaw...

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The app overrides your stock control system and allows customers to purchase more quantities than are available. After one hour of installing it i'm having to deal with upset customers who have been able to order more items than are in stock.

Considering this should not even been a 'paid for' feature in Shopify, it's very disappointing and frustrating that this App charges you monthly for a 'workaround' that doesn't even fully solve a simple problem.

--UPDATE-- the app also seems to go down or just randomly stop working. We now deal with several customer complaints per week because of this issue.

Because of our product type, we really need quantity discount. Shopify - why can you not create a build in solution? This "solution" is dreadfully inconsistent


I was disappointed with this app as it doesn't run with one of my other apps (shipworks) I wasn't told about this until after I had paid my first month subscription then paid the extra to have bold apps install it all for me to ensure it was done correctly. The idea of the app is good although I found it time consuming to add products to pricing tiers. Shame it cost me nearly $50 to find out it doesn't work!

Almost really good. Unfortunately the Qty Breaks didn't work correctly in my template's (Responsive v4.0) product Quick View pop up. The discounts didn't appear and the lower price was displayed as a buy price, which was ultimately a little too confusing for visitors. The issue couldn't be fixed without a substantial cost to me so had to uninstall. Once they fix it I'd be more than happy to re-install.

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