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February 11, 2016



Donkey Kong
About 1 month using the app
August 8, 2017

Non existent customer support. They send me automated emails asking to leave a review, but don't reply to my email when I tell them I'm having trouble installing the app.

United States
18 days using the app
Edited February 10, 2016

Stupid. You can get a selection of

But, no quantity box?

And, what's with stopping at 50?
We have this set to ranges... to price by quantity. Why would we sell 1-5 widgets for $50 - one for $50, two for $50, etc?


You app shows

This makes absolutely no sense and is not worth a dollar a month.

But your app is seriously broken.

Pakalolo Lighting
United States
28 days using the app
November 8, 2017

If i had a minus star to give, i would give it.
the only thing Quantity break breaks, is your brain.
making tons of variants to every product you choose to use it on (in my case - the whole store)

then every time u wanna make a price change - its a hell.
every time u add a product, u need to refresh it on the app.

when you try to uninstall it - according to their own directions - it would leave the variants on your store, making you deleting them manually. WHAT A HELL OF AN APP.

There are apps that does what they do in a much more elegant way,
I was expecting bold developers for so much more that this piece of #@$!.

their support answer usually after 2-3 days.
and of course - they won't do the uninstall ...Their dude TIFF is a nice dude, but ... its not about him, its about this hell of an app.
do you self and your store a fav, and don't get next to this piece of head ache.

Believe In Love
10 days using the app
November 22, 2017

Great idea with the possibility to generate more sales. However there was not sufficient warning that this doesn't work with oberlo. This meant the orders were not syncing and could be ordered. This created unnecessary additional work :( . If you are dropshipping with oberlo then wait for the updated version to come out so its compatible.

United States
9 days using the app
June 4, 2018

Based on my experience I cannot recommend this app. I asked the team to install the app for me precisely because I wanted the benefit of a human eye to make sure nothing went wrong.

The first day it was installed, it was done in the middle of the night (for me), and I woke up hours later to find that I barely made sales in my peak sales hour. The reason? When the app was installed, it screwed up my product page by shoving another recommendation app right above my product description, so it looked out of place and ugly. After I fixed it, sales went back to normal. That cost me a few hundred dollars in sales.

After that, I noticed a small issue with the spacing of the table and my quantity button, so I asked the team if they could do it as I couldn't find the code for the table. Well, they did, but what I didn't realise was that only the products with quantity breaks displayed correctly.

For the products not using it, they somehow shoved the Variants and Add to Cart button under my image gallery so customers couldn't find it. That caused me to lose several hundred dollars as I barely made sales that day.

While the support team is top notch in terms of responsiveness, the tech team doesn't give two hoots about the overall store when installing the app. This is the first app that actually caused me to lose hundreds of dollars in sales. Responsive support doesn't make up for errors of this magnitude.

This is the second app from Bold where I've had a nasty experience and I'm really scared of using any more apps from them.

6 days using the app
June 2, 2017

It did not work for Supply theme. I paid for installation to save some time, but I bought only disappointment and hours of additional work instead. I do not know if it is this app itself or installation problem, but a Shopify team told me that Bold made changes during the installations and it broke my variant selector. As a result all variants are disappeared. I could see the chart with quantity discounts, but there were no variants at all. I tried to delete a quantity record, but variant were still missing even you can see them in admin mode. So I wasted a lot of time to understand what is going on, to test different approaches. Customer service is very polite, but it took Bold a few days of trying to fix it with no success. Finally I asked to uninstall it. They did and sent a refund. That`s the story. I wish it worked for me.

Koolkitchentool Com
United States
9 days using the app
Edited July 28, 2018

Horrible installation process. They did the installation because I have a special theme. So the first day they installed the app and told me it was finished, but when I checked, my product page was broken. So I contacted them again, explained the whole thing, re-fixed the theme, and asked them to do it again.

Second time, same thing. They installed the app again, and the exact same problem happened. When I woke up and checked the page, it was again broken. I just don't understand it. How do they install it and not just check if everything is working? And thank god our store is not fully launched and no customers are coming. I can't even imagine how bad this could turn out if there were customers coming in and the page was just broken. Now they say they are going to do it again. I hope they do it right once for all, I just don't understand this lack of professionalism. Until this is fixed, I'm going to leave this 1 star review.

EDIT: So they kinda did it at the end. But we uninstalled because the app was not performing well and the styling was not of our liking. It might sound that we're extremely picky and biased in this rating, and maybe to some extent we are, but it's just been a really bad process overall. We're not happy with Bold Quantity Breaks. We've found other alternatives that work way better and we are going to go with those.

United States
5 days using the app
Edited March 8, 2018

If you decide to remove this app, good luck! Once we tried to remove the app, our store's variants stopped working. Customers could not select what color or sizes for products they wanted. We had to wait hours before we were told that we had to REINSTALL the app in order for the variants to work. And it did. However, once they were able to professionally remove the app from the theme, it created hundredsss of variants for our products. So for instance, instead of having variants such as SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, it created SMALL 25, SMALL 50, SMALL 75, SMALL 100, MEDIUM 25, MEDIUM 50, MEDIUM 100, LARGE 25, LARGE 50, LARGE 100 and so forth. These variants show up on places such as Amazon and Wanelo and you will LOSE customers if you sell on these shopping venues because it will leave them confused.... We now have to go into our site and remove all these hundreds of variants from over 200 products!! We would not recommend this app to anyone. Don't believe us, read other reviews with 1 star ratings.

The Tube Top Company
United States
5 days using the app
May 5, 2018

This is the worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my whole life!

I have chosen the option to let them install the app so that nothing interferes with other apps in my store. After 2 days they finished the installation and I asked them for slightly changes on the layout which they agreed to do but never happened.

So far so good but after some time I received messages from customers that they were not able to add certain products to their cart. And indeed when people were trying to add products from one of my collection to their cart, they were redirected to an "OOOPS..." error page. I lost a lot of money on running ads to these products which were technically impossible to check out with. When I asked Boldapps support for clarification they just said that they have nothing to do with it which is a bold LIE! It was clear that the issue occured when they made changes to my theme code. When I loaded the backup of the theme which was made before they started to change more of the code everything was back to normal.

Very unprofessional Team which cost me a lot of money and is not willing to help at all even after asking them.

3 days using the app