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Quantity Breaks

Quantity Breaks

Developed by BOLD

756 reviews
Price: $16.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Apply Quantity Price Breaks based on how many products a customer buys.
  • Let your customers get a quantity break if they buy a certain amount of one specific product OR of a number of products in a group!
  • Bulk apply Quantity Breaks to individual products, collections, brands, product types or your entire store!

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Introducing TIERED PRICING and QUANTITY BREAKS for Shopify!

This has been by far our #1 MOST POPULAR REQUESTED APP! It will forever change the way you manage the pricing in your Shopify store!

☞ See it in action Here!

(On this demo site add a hat to your basket and then increase the quantity and see the magic happen! Here's the video of how we created the quantity breaks you see on that demo site)

What does it do?

This app will allow you to create different price tiers for products based on the quantity a customer buys. You can set it so they have to buy a certain quantity of one specific product or of any product within a group of products. It's your standard bulk pricing, quantity breaks or tiered pricing sale :-)

For example...

You can set it up so a customer needs to buy 5 or more of one specific SKU to get 10% off, buy 10 or more of that SKU and get 15% off and so on. Of course, they can buy only one as well, they just won't get the discount :-)


You can set it up so a customer can buy 5 of any product in a GROUP to get the 10% off (Buy 5 or more of any hat, get 10% off or buy 10 or more hats in total and get 15% off).

Show the customer how much they're saving!

"You saved $23.71 today by buying in bulk!"

Add one little snippet of liquid to your cart page and it will automatically show your customers how much they're saving by buying in bulk.


You can customize everything about the way your quantity breaks & price tiers display. It can be a table, a grid, a custom sentence or more. You can also customize all the colors, fonts, borders, padding, margins, backgrounds and much more. If you know CSS you can add that in too!

Save Time, Bulk Assign!

When you create a price tier you can apply it to a single Product, a Custom Collection or Smart Collection, a Brand, a Product Type, a Search Filter or just a bunch of hand picked products. It literally takes seconds to add price tiers to your store!

Wanna watch the 15 minute instruction video?

This video goes through in full detail how the app works and how to create the different types of quantity break groups. Click here to watch video

This app is something that can help almost ANY store! You've got nothing to lose, it comes with a money back 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try it out and start increasing your sales today!

Common Questions

Q - Is there a liquid update to my store required?

Yes, for this app to work properly on your theme there will be a fair amount of liquid that needs to be updated. If you're comfortable with that kind of thing, there are instructions in the app. If you're not comfortable with code and would rather leave it to the pros, no problem :-) We can do it for you! There will be a button in the app to request us to do it for you. There's a one-time charge for the install but don't worry, if for any reason you uninstall the app during the trial period that is 100% refundable.

Q - What languages does this app support?

This app works for all Latin alphabet languages.


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Quantity Breaks reviews

756 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (67 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (12 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (17 reviews)
  5. 1 star (31 reviews)

Amazing support from devs ! Cam was honestly the most helpful dev I've had the chance to work with on Shopify. You don't pay just for the app, you honestly get some premium support here !


We used the developer supported install, which was great! It easily creates price breaks (discounts) for multiple purchases across our site, which is what we were looking for. We don't love the way that it looks on the back end, but from a user perspective it's not bad at all! Their online support has been very responsive and helped navigate through the install process. Recommended!


I uninstalled your app because its not properly working on my store, but the still the table for the quantity breaks on my product page is not disappearing?? and now i cant install back your app!!!


We've been using Quantity Breaks for only a few weeks and have noticed that our regular customers are tending to order their favourite products in multiples. This is good for our business because, although it costs us in dscounts, it saves us shipping costs (because we ship for free to New Zealand customers). It obviously increases our order values as well.

We have only applied this to one of our collections so far, but will include other products as stocks allow.


The Quantity Breaks Support team rocks, Cam did an awesome job helping me to go live with my store by tweaking the way the quantity breaks table shows up in my products page (there is no way to adjust formatting in the UI) . Now I can go live with a slick looking store. Thanks, Cam!


This app is very useful. There was a problem where the cart was not auto-reloading to have the bulk discount applied/removed automatically before checking out. It might have had something to do with theme update.
But the support team Cam and Danni was quick to help us so everything went well for Black Friday. Thank you!

-added Nov 29, 2017 -
Huge shoutout to DANNI for going above and beyond to help us with a coding issue! Much appreciated.


You have to enter too many coding that create errors in the product. This app is for professional coder.


Great idea with the possibility to generate more sales. However there was not sufficient warning that this doesn't work with oberlo. This meant the orders were not syncing and could be ordered. This created unnecessary additional work :( . If you are dropshipping with oberlo then wait for the updated version to come out so its compatible.


I'm really impressed by the apps Bold has to offer, and specifically Quantity Breaks. It's helped me increase my AOV dramatically and improve the customer experience at the same time.

But the real gem here is Bold's team. They have been FANTASTIC at helping me with everything I needed, and even went above and beyond to help fix my code when something went haywire.

Wally is a rockstar and is the best person to trust on anything you need help with!


Had a particularly tough time getting this to work properly on my own because I had a complex options set. Cam, Mohit, and Phillip, all stuck by me and helped me get the desired outcome! Much thanks to Bold. They always have a solution and take the time to understand the needs of the client. Appreciate it! Highly recommend QB and any Bold Products.

$16.99 / month

★ ★ ★ FREE FOR 30 DAYS ★ ★ ★

This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shops while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit. Regular charges apply only once the store goes live.

30 days

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