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13 januari 2023

I have to be honest, this app is great for the type of discount feature it offers, as not a lot of discount apps allow you to set specific quantities for bundles and only discount those specified quantities. But unfortunately, it's time-consuming to set up and isn't laid out to be very user-friendly. It feels like the app has been published when it's not quite finished and could be improved in many ways. But the baseline of the apps and the discount function are great, so just needs a bit more tweaking before it would be user-friendly and flexible like other apps. The customer service is very polite and very friendly, but not very informative, which I can see being good for customers who may not know and not want to know about the functions behind issues, but for anyone who has been using Shopify for a while and has a base understanding of how code and apps work, they don't provide a lot of information. There was an error between their app and another app I was using, which unfortunately lead to me removing the app from my store, so be aware of this being a possibility when installing.
Overall I do want to give them credit for having an app function that is hard to find and for having very polite and friendly staff to communicate with, which is the main reason I provided 3 stars, but the points made above would need to be improved before I could say this app is recommended.

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Omega heeft geantwoord 13 januari 2023


Thank you for writing a review, I sincerely appreciate you bringing your detail feedback to our attention.

I'm sorry to hear you had such a not so all-good experience, that's not what we like to hear. Our Customer support agent will soon contact you for an explaination and we would love to hear more about what you need and what we can do to make you have a better experience with our app.

Your business means a lot to us, so if you ever have additional feedback, please don't hesitate to email me at

Thank you,
The Omega customer support team

4 oktober 2016

This app is good in theory... It was easy to install, and the styling was nice. It has three major flaws, however, that led me to uninstall it:
1) It applies price breaks when quantities go up... but it keeps those price breaks when quantities go down. So, a user could add 5 items to the cart, get the price break, and then from the cart page reduce the quantity to 1 and still get the discount.
2) If you have a product with multiple variants expect lots of setup. You have to set a price break for EVERY variant, and some of my products have 40 or more. There is no way to "bulk" add the same discount tiers for every variant of a product.
3) It is really laggy. It takes a while to load the price breaks onto the product page, and the cart page takes a while to update. I could see lots of customer confusion.

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