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Increase conversions and customer engagement and grow sales

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Increase Sale Conversions

Grow your conversion rate by adding Quibble to selected lines in your store. This allows your visitors to make you a private offer on items

Take Offers

Take Offers on selected slow moving stock and clearance lines. You can choose to Reject, Accept or even Counter these offers!

Mitigates M.A.P.

With Quibble, you can compete with your rival stores without breaking your supplier MAP agreements! (minimum advertised price)


Quibble! - increase your conversion rates.

Quibble is a simple to use, unique price negotiation tool that allows stores, to give their visitors an easy way to privately make them an offer - on selected items. Stores can then choose to accept, reject or counter the offers made using Quibble.

  1. Turns more of your store visitors into paying customers!

  2. Increases your conversion rates - grows your business.

  3. Helps to clears old inventory quickly.

  4. Provides additional opportunities to sell. (our Quibble marketplace)

  5. Promotes customer loyalty for your store.

  6. Increases opportunities for new customer acquisitions.

  7. Peace of Mind (all sales happen in your own Shopify checkout - no third parties involved)

Convert more Comparison Shoppers into Customers

By providing a Quibble button on selected items, it encourages the comparison shoppers to offer you a price on a product, rather than just leave your store without buying anything.

Watch your sales grow as you capture and convert more casual store visitors into customers.

Quibble helps to clear old inventory quickly.

Add a Quibble button and take offers for your clearance and end of line products.

Mitigates M.A.P (minimum advertised price) restrictions

Quibble is a private negotiation tool, enabling you to conduct a sale at a price that only you and your customer see.

Market Your Shopify Store items free in our Marketplace

Quibble also provides you with the option to you to add your items to our marketplace site Quibble.biz , for free, exposing your Quibble items to even more shoppers. All sales still go through your own Shopify checkout.

'Acceptable Price' Automation Feature

For Busy Store Owners, this optional feature enables you to set an acceptable price range on a product. You can then relax, knowing that the first price within your acceptable price range will be automatically accepted - and convert that offer into a sale - instantly!

Quibble builds Customer Loyalty

It makes your store exciting for your visitors. Stores who install Quibble, also introduce an element of excitement and challenge into their shoppers experience, but in a safe and private way - which greatly appeals to many shoppers. So these shoppers are more likely to recommend your store!







After free trial we charge 2.5% only on successful Quibble's

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Temple Wolf

LOVE this idea! The app is easy to use, even for a luddite like me!

Pos Hardware 3

Just installed, easy to do and added a few products. Love the idea of being able to do a "private" deal that no-one can see online.

Pure Hearts International

Looks good in theory. I've installed it. We'll see how it goes.