Xena ‑ Banner & Product Badge

Xena ‑ Banner & Product Badge

開發者:Niu Mi Workshop

A super-easy way to add banner & badge

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Increase Conversions

Use badges and banners to promote your products more effectively with sales

Easy to Use

It's a super-easy way to add banner or badge, many icons to choose, support customize banner position, multi badges support

Decrease Customer Support Time

Instead of contacting one by one, use the banner or badge to inform all your customers at once

有關 Xena ‑ Banner & Product Badge

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What's Xean?

Quick Notice is a super easy tool to make Banner or badges.

What can I do with Xean?

  • Use the banner to notify your customer whatever you want globally, such as policy changing, global discount, new product release... etc.
  • Use badge to add more detail to your product description, such as money-back guarantee, delivery rules... etc.

How to setup Xean?

Step 1. Select the display mode, such as only sticky notice or both Sticky Notice and Inline Notice, etc. Step 2. Custom the style of Sticky Notice if your display mode contains sticky notice. Step 3. Custom the style of Sticky Notice if your display mode contains inline notice.

What options do Xean provide to style notice?

  • Many icons
  • Foreground Color (transparent support)
  • Background Color (transparent support)
  • Position: Banner only. Show banner at the top, bottom, left or right.
  • Display as a whole line or inline (only for badge)
  • Font Size
  • Padding
  • Font Weight (Bold or normal)
  • Target Url
  • Multi badges support

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METZGER Sicherheitstechnik - SES

i created a notification Text on my product page and now i tryed to create a new one but the old was cant be deleted. After new install, i get an error updating my banner.



Thank you very much for using Xean, and so sorry to make you confused.
The inline notice will show a red delete icon when you hover on it. you can delete just click on the icon. About the sticky notice, just edit it and save it.
About the error of update, it seems a server error. After restarting the server, it works now. So sorry about that.
Your subscribe is expired yesterday. I will give you new 14 days free-trial as compensation.
And thanks again for using Xean.