Quick Order Status

Quick Order Status


Order status form to let customer check their order status

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Order Lookup

Customers can easily find their order information themselves by entering the order number and email in the order lookup form.

Store Support Time Saving

Your customers easily see their order summary from the order number and email in your store and reduce the support request.

Simple and easy installation

The quick order status app is easy to use and customization to your needs. Installation process is simple and no coding knowledge required

有關 Quick Order Status

Quick order status app that allows you to quickly and easily view the status of your orders, Our app automatically create a page that grants your customer easy access to their order summary page, Quick order status app is a user-friendly tool that gives your customers the ability to view the summary of their orders as many times via order number and email address, Increase their customer satisfaction while reducing your support costs by answering this frequently asked question to merchants.

How does Quick Order Status work with my Shopify store?

Our app integrates with your store by creating a separate page that Customers can visit within your store, we provide easy steps in the app whereby you can create a menu option in the header of your store for easy access.

The app also has an additional feature that allows your customers to check on the status of their orders confirmation page(Shopify Order Summary Page).


  • Simple user interfaces with email and order number fields.
  • Select app Status
  • Order Lookup form title
  • Order status page title
  • Required input fields (Email and Order ID, Order Id Only)
  • Display order details page (Custom Page, Order Confirmation Page)
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Simple customization settings
  • Custom CSS

We offer free technical and design support.

The app works and looks good out-of-the-box but we can fine-tune it for you as well, You can reach us any time for questions, issues, or anything else Simply send us an email, we will give the quick response.

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  • Custom Order Status Page
  • Shopify Order Confirmation Page

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5.0 5 顆星

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Saiyajin Store

Great app with a seamless integration. Work perfectly and can fit with every theme as it offer customization.

Best option for order status out there right now.