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Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Developed by BOLD

Price: $19.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Enter orders with CUSTOM or modified products created on the fly!
  • Send custom emails with order details and PAYMENT LINKS. Great for Quotes or Invoices!
  • Manage orders better with UNLIMITED Order Statuses that can trigger emails and update orders!

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"Calling it “Custom Order” is the understatement of the year!"

The Custom Order app is the only app for Shopify that allows you to create and modify products on the fly when you enter orders! As well, it's the only app that allows you to manage your orders with unlimited custom statuses that automatically update your customers! Oh, and it's a faster way to enter orders too :-)

The only app that:

✓ Allows you to enter custom orders on the fly.

✓ Create orders with products that both do, and do not, exist on your store.

✓ Allows you to change the price, description, title, image etc, of products while entering an order.

✓ Allows unlimited custom order statuses.

✓ Trigger custom emails as you change order statuses.

✓ Allows you to completely manage your orders outside Shopify.

The Custom Order app in a Nutshell:

The Custom Order app provides an interface that allows you to enter orders twice as fast and change the price of any other product details on the fly. But most notably, you can enter totally custom products that don't even exist in your store. On top of that, Custom Order is a total custom order manage tool as well. You can create as many different statuses as you like and trigger different email notifications when an order is changed to that status.

If you'd like to see all the nitty gritty details here's the 15 minute instruction video.

Enter Custom Orders

Have you ever tried entering an order for a customer by going through your website and finding and adding each item to the cart. If you have you know there are a lot of limitations!

What if you wanted to add a product that’s not on your website? Or what if you wanted to select an existing product but change change the price? Maybe you want to customize an existing product and charge a little more, or maybe you just wanna give a discount on one product. If you have then you know this was never before possible… Well, thanks to Custom Order, now it is!

With it's unique product selector tool, the Custom Order app allows you to enter orders twice as fast AND enter custom products at the same time! You'll never enter an order through your storefront again!

It gets better...

Email Payable Invoices & Quotes

Have you ever wanted to create an order for a customer and send them an email with a link to complete the purchase? Well it's finally possible!

When you enter an order in Custom Order you have the option to complete it right there OR you can send a custom email with a payment link. When the customer gets the email it can have a summary, a custom message, the order details, or anything merged info you like! When they click the payment link it takes them directly to the checkout page in your Shopify store with all the products in the cart ready to checkout!

You can use this to send custom quotes for the customer to approve and pay. Or, use it to help a customer create a basket of recommended products. You can use the link over and over again too! So if you want to create a special link for a commonly used package, or maybe even a special marketing offer with discounted items, now you can!

It gets better still...

It’s not just a better way to enter orders… It’s a better way to manage them!

Better Order Management with Custom Statuses

Have you ever wanted to add more status settings for your order management? Or, how about triggering custom emails when an order moves through each status?

The Custom Order app allows you to create UNLIMITED status settings. If you sell custom products this is a must. Some examples might be "Being Built", "In Assembly", "Waiting for Parts", "Backordered" etc...

With each status setting you create you can attach a custom email that gets sent to the customer when you change their order to that status. You can use merge fields to include order details such as order number, customer name, items ordered etc... It also can stamp the status note on their actual order in Shopify so if they login they can view it there as well.

This app comes with a 15-day trial so you've got nothing to lose. Give it a try today!


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Custom Orders reviews (138)


The bold team has been a pleasure to work with. They have been very helpful at coming up with solutions to some particular situations we have come up with. We will be working with them for a long time!


We wanted to make sure that our online store is unique. Before starting the shopify website, myself and husband spent considerable amount of time on apps because we realised that not only the shopify website is answer alone but also the apps. It is actually the apps that makes the owner of the store easy to operate.

How did we realised this? We asked the support team of shopify about our concern, that is- making customised orders that is not available with shopify. Then they answered us Custom Order from Bold, without any hesitation. From there we saw a pool of apps from Bold Commerce and that was it. We decided we would stick to these because it makes our life so easy and be more productive!

While we were surfing through the apps in shopify store, we came across wonderful apps made by BOLD Commerce. Because I will have to spend almost my time at home with a kid and then manage the operations of the website, (checking the sales, packaging, mailing and so on)

The first thing that caught our eye are the Custom Order. Because in India, most of the online stores are rigid in terms of buying/selling the products- which means the customers will have to pay what it displays and have no other choice than to buy those. We knew that our potential customers will have different taste apart our deals (combination of various products).

It is actually the app 'Custom Order' that made our store unique. We had an idea after coming across this app. We want not only our store to be as "Online Store" but also offline, that is, retail store. Although we haven't kept an actual store, we had calls that the customer needs the particular combination of products. And thats where Custom Order made my life easy and more productive. In fact, it was not only the single sales from our website but major sales are made from Custom Order app.

Now we are proud to say that Custom Order is part of life for our website. Many of our customers/potential customers/friends ask us- "There are so many other websites that are famous and what makes your website unique?" then without any hesitation we reply them with high tone and smile- "Custom Orders. You can choose the products the way you want and make deals of your own".

So not only the credits goes to Shopify but also Bold because it made our website look like shopping mall where people enter into the mall and choose the products they like. :-)

In terms of rating, I cannot rate just 5 stars because it is worth 100 stars!


Great app! Great customer service.

This app helps us to reach customers that would otherwise be unobtainable. Bold Apps always responds to our questions promptly and they go the extra mile to set us up for success.


Works very well, thanks!


I have bounced around several apps, comparing prices, searching for the apps that can best help my business.

I am in the region where true buying from onlineshop has not kicked off yet, Its more of a hybrid now.

So having separate control panels for my resellers which this apps provides, really helps in expanding my business.

Why 4 stars ?
This is because I have yet to discover the whole range of function this app can give.


Thanks a lot guys...this app has solved my last 6 months (hair pulling) problem of charging customers for custom orders. Thanks a lot again.


Great app


Vapejoose.com uses Custom Orders to enter orders for wholesale e-liquid. The service has been great and using the app is very simple and intuitive. Thanks for making such a nice app.


My issue was resolved to my satisfaction, and the assistance was very friendly.


* This app automatically creates new products every time you edit the price when placing an order, which is incredibly frustrating and creates multiples of every product in your store. There is no work around from this from what their support has told me.

Also Wholesaler Warning! [Business 2 Business] - this app automatically applies taxes even if your store has those disabled due to the issue above in that new products by default have taxes applied. I don't understand how no-one is saying this in these reviews. Be warned, this is not a time saving app.

$19.99 / month

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