Quick Pick Pick Lists

Quick Pick Pick Lists

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Picklists to pick items quickly and fulfill your orders faster

Pick Your Orders Faster!

See all unpicked items in one place and know at a glance how many you need. Pick the right quantity of items needed in one stockroom visit.

Never lose your place!

Quick Pick's Pick Lists save each action as it happens allowing you to leave and come back where you left off.

See Only What Matters To You

Do you offer pre-orders or payment after delivery? Customize your Quick Pick List to include only the orders and information you need.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Stop picking and packing each order one by one
  • Save TIME by picking all orders at once with an efficient Quick Pick List
  • Know at a glance which orders are fully picked and ready for fulfillment
  • Optimized for mobile, grab the product with one hand and mark them as picked with the other
  • Export your Pick List to Excel with the CSV export function
  • Print your Pick List to work away from the screen
  • Warehouse Bin Management for multiple locations!

Batch pick your orders

No more going back and forth collecting the same item over and over again for different orders. With Quick Pick's easy to use Quick Pick List, you instantly know how many of each item you need to pick and what orders they belong to. Grab them all at once and sort them into baskets, boxes or neat little piles.

When all items for an order have been picked, you'll see a notification that the order is Fully Picked! When it's time to fulfill your orders, use the Quick Pick Orders shortcut from the Orders Overview and start shipping!

Auto-Saving Quick Pick Lists

Interruptions don't impact your Pick List. Every action is auto-saved when it happens ensuring you never lose your work.

Undo your mistakes

Multi-level Undo / Redo has you covered keeping in memory all actions performed since the page loaded.

PDF and CSV export

You don't have to bring your phone or computer with you. Our PDF and CSV exports make order picking easier for teams and bigger warehouses.

Warehouse Bin Management

If you have a really big warehouse, knowing where to find an item can be the toughest part of the job. Make order picking easier by saving bin locations which are visible on both the interactive and PDF pick list. This this option enabled the PDF picklist is sorted by BIN first, allowing you to optimize your pick path through the warehouse.

See only what's important

You're in control what information and which orders are displayed. Display key information such as Product SKU and available inventory, and filter orders by payment status.

Do you add tags to your orders or customers? We have you covered! With our custom tag filters you can hide these orders from view!

Take control of your workflow with Quick Pick

Quick Pick is now completely FREE for development stores and Shopify Staff!


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Quick Pick


  • Unlimited pick lists
  • Unlimited picked items
  • Unlimited picked orders

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** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Game Kings

We use this app for all our order processing. We can do orders in batches of any number and makes our whole fulfillment process so much faster!

SaveCo Online Ltd

Quite possibly one of the worst apps I've ever seen on Shopify and I've literally trialed close to 100 since last year! And what's worse? Terrible customer service, no one has replied to actually resolve the very basic fundamental flaws with their program (it does not allow you to "manage bins" since each of our 6000 products is coming up individually so it would take months to add a warehouse bin label to each product) and the fact that you cannot manage alternative products via the app is a fatal flaw. Only received one email asking me to turn the bin feature on and off again (the equivalent of hardware support telling you to restart your PC to fix the blue screen of death rather than actually telling you what's causing the PC crash!).... well.. I'll wait another 24 hours then reinstall this terrible abomination that's found it's way onto the Shopify app store....



Hi there, thank you for your feedback. We always appreciate hearing from our users when they are being constructive, and in this case, it’s a good opportunity to clear the air.

You reached out last Friday (7 days ago) stating that you “really like the app” and that you needed help, and we responded over the weekend with a solution. We then received another ticket from you this week stating that we hadn't gotten back to you and asking for help with something else. We responded promptly.

Then, overnight, you wrote to us 3 times, sent us a service request, threatened us with a 1-star review, and when we didn’t answer in 6-8h, left this review.

We have since resolved the issue and contacted you with no response on all 3 channels you used to contact us.

I hope we were able to solve this for you, as we value all of our users and always try to exceed their expectations with service and functionality.

Kindest regards,
Quick Pick Support

British Snacks

This is absolutely hands down the best, most useful app I have found for my store. I ship chocolates, sweets and other food items so I can have 100 items of different types in one order and every order is different. I have used this for one evening and what would normally take nearly a whole day has taken a couple of hours. Amazing. I'm in love. This is going to change my life I swear! And I haven't even played around with all the features yet