Quick Variants View

Quick Variants View

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Boost up sales with Quick view variants & one-click buy.

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"Quick Variants View" in Table

Replace traditional variants drop-downs by Quick variants listing in tabular format. Display variants table inside "Quick View" pop-up.

Boost up Sales

Allows Customers to purchase multiple variants of a product through a single button click i.e Add to Cart, which resulted in more sales.

Easy User interface

Multiple settings/options available in the app. Easily installed in any theme. Provided easy to use template code.

有關 Quick Variants View

Quick Variants View

Do your Customers prefer purchasing multiple product variants to save time? Here is the solution you need!

  • Creating a positive shopping experience for your customer is key to the success of your online shop. Allowing them to purchase multiple product variants at one time helps create that positive online shopping experience.
  • For this purpose, your online shop needs a robust and user-friendly Shopify Quick Variants View App to let your online customers add product variants to cart with a single click from any Collection page.
  • Enables your customers to easily reach your products without having navigate to the product details page. It provides flexibility to your users and save their time!
  • "Quick Variants View" will display all required product details in a popup window in a single click with "Quick View" button. It also enables your customer to add the product/variants with required quantity to cart without page refresh. Variants, such as color or sizes of that product are also displayed in the popup window.

Display "Product Variants" in table

  • This App will display all variants of the product into tabular format instead of traditional variant dropdowns, which provide ease to your customers and result in swift buy!

Easy User Interface

  • Multiple Settings available in App Admin.
  • You can Install/Uninstall App files easily from any theme.
  • Easy to use app's shortcode (template code) is provided.

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5.0 5 顆星


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Get Off Grid

Love the app and the support was fantastic. We needed a custom integration into the product page and it is working flawlessly. Much appreciated!



Thank you very much for a nice review, I highly appreciate it...

Polish Pottery in Switzerland

Our shop sells pottery so we have items in many different shapes and each comes in a huge variety of design patterns. Before we installed this app, customers had to click on each product and then click on each variant to see how many of every design we had on hand. Now customers can quickly see, in a table, exactly what is available. The support was fantastic and some minor changes were made right away. It is just what we've wanted - THANK YOU!



Thank you very much for a nice review, I highly appreciate it...