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Instant View

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Provides a better shopping experience.

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有關 Instant View

About Instant View App

Instant View app allows you to enable a feature on the collection page that helps your customers to see the product information in an intuitive way. The Quick View feature plays an important role in creating more conversions from online stores. This saves your customers time and provides a faster browsing experience. Instant View app allows buyers to view product details quickly without navigating to the product page. When a customer visits an online store to search for products, they prefer to have a quick process through which they can explore a maximum number of products in a short span of time. It is very tedious to visit the product detail page of every product they look for.

Features in the Instant View App Dashboard:

  • Enable/Disable Instant view app
  • Quick view button display
  • Quick view button position
  • Product image zoom
  • Quick view button background-color
  • Add To Cart button background-color
  • Customizable quick view content
  • Quick View button settings
  • Quick View popup settings

Key Features

  • Highly adaptable view for all desktop screen resolutions and iPad.
  • Truly compatible with most of Shopify themes.
  • Social Media share.
  • Compatible with Shopify and Yotpo reviews.
  • One-click Checkout.
  • Color Swatch Option.
  • Support all modern browsers.

Assistance service.

If you need assistance to configure the app and have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our team is happy to help you.


  • Product Reviews,
  • Yotpo Product Review

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5.0 5 顆星


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Works very fine on a desktop. I did not want to make it working on mobile's profile, just asked the team to help me and they did all thd job by themselves very quickly. I do really recommand this app wich is big value