Quick View Maker

Quick View Maker


Quickly display product details without going to product page

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Mobile responsive

Highly adaptable view for all screen resolutions, laptops or mobile devices easily and efficiently.

Quickly add to cart product

It allows users to take a quick look at products without opening the product page and quickly add the product to the cart.

Fully customizable layout

Fully customizable quick-view and pop-up button design, you can easily customize the quick-button and pop-up style according to your store

有關 Quick View Maker

Quick View Maker app provides the user quick access to the product information with smooth animation. This step saves time and gives a faster and much more intuitive browsing experience. Quick View is essential feature for online stores. The more you can show your product details to your customers, the more conversions you will get.

How is it useful?

Quick View maker app allows users to view products without opening the product page quickly. When a customer searches for products on a store, they want the process to be fast. They want to explore the maximum number of products in the shortest possible time. As such, they don't want to visit the page for every product they browse.

What are the key features?

  • Stunning 15 different popup effects
  • Highly adaptable view for all screen resolutions(Small devices)
  • Truly compatible with most of Shopify themes
  • Trust badges and upload custom badges
  • Color Swatch Option
  • Support all modern browsers.

General features

  • Quick view app status ON/OFF
  • Quick view button display
  • Quick view button position
  • Quick view button icons
  • Product image zoom
  • Trust badges and upload trust badges
  • Quick view button background-color
  • Add To Cart button background-color
  • Customization quick view content
  • Quick button settings
  • Quick View popup settings
  • Custom CSS support
  • And much more options

Assistance service.

If you have any questions and need guidance to configure the app, do not hesitate to contact us, our team is ready to help you.

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每月 $4.99

  • Color Swatch Option
  • Trust Badges and Upload Custom Badges
  • Product Image Zoom
  • Beautiful 15 Different Popup Effects

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

5.0 5 顆星


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Ameluska Jewelry

I have given this app a rating of 5 stars because it does exactly what you would expect from it and because the support team is very close and helps you with everything you need.

Alphatox Premium Fitness Teas

I never have added a 5 star but you know what ( on a new app that is, I think the dev deserves his first " dollar " to hang up on the wall. This is effective, I did split testing with it throughout my stores, and was very happy with the results. Bravo!

Will update so far i've seen a difference of .5-.6% conversion rate ( this is a famous brand store of 7 years, and I wouldn't download anything. As the name suggests I like premium, and my team knows that. I instantly will decline a project that doesn't meet Alphatox standards however, this app, I haven't even touched. This store isn't even really advertised, it's more so just the fact that loyal, customers with high quality taste and major purchases should be catered to, always to the best of my abiliy. This allows for such without making conversion rates go down. I've done consulting for 5, and run stores for 10. I'm telling you, it's 6 a.m. *sales time and i'm here writing my first one. * well deserved. - Darien Alphatox Inc.