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No clear instructions on how to actually get the quick view to appear in the store. I took all this time customising the quick view button and couldn't find any instructions as to how to get it to show up. Waste of time.

Christchurch Decor Solutions
qikify 已回覆 2020年9月25日

Hi Christchurch Decor Solutions,

Henry here from Qikify Support.
We sincerely apologize about the inconvenience you had with our app. But our support team had not received any tickets from you to offer assistance. On some specific stores, there might be a small styling conflict (z-index), so that Quick View could not display properly. We could help you fix that issue by a simple CSS code snippet.
In case you want to give it another try, please reinstall Quick View and let me know to help.
Hope to hear from you again.


Installed for a week. not even made to run. KA why. Then asked for a ticket. Guest access came back. Guest access is free for three days, I'm waiting .. I've paid, nobody activates my application. the last correction by a developer left me with damage. I'm very cautious about this. I'm also about to report these transactions here to shopify. I don't think that this provider can afford to be blocked. I am expecting a reaction .. I need the application for relief on my HP. I'm currently adding a menu, want to start soon. .can't afford your waiting. Either or .. Guest access is there and available. go ahead .. let my hp heal and let it work normally.

qikify 已回覆 2020年9月4日

Hi messingpapst,

We are very sorry for the late response, we could not reply and help you solve the issue immediately due to National holiday. Please accept our apologies as this is not an experience you should expect from Quick View app and Qikify.
We helped you fix the issue. Quick View is now working perfectly on your store. Could you check again please?
Hope to hear from you soon.


I would like to install this app but I don't know how to take out the view button from the actual theme and replace it with the quick view option.

qikify 已回覆 2020年1月11日

Hi there,
Your View button is from your theme, our app doesn't want to affect anything from your theme. But we can help you hide your View button and show only Quick View button with some custom code.
Please reach out to our support team at support.qikify.com for next step.
Best regards.