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5. März 2024

You can't look at the mapping and this is causing duplicates for my bookkeeper. The support team does not seem to be responding so that makes it even better!

Chic Thriftique
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12 monate mit der App
1. Mai 2022

This app has been horrible, constantly messing up the sync from our shopify inventory and our Quickbooks, Actually made our book keeper so frustrated she quit. I have been trying to get it to sync properly, and it will work great for a week or so and then goes astray again. Please HELP!!!!

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Parex Technologies Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 1. Mai 2022

Dear Customer,
We apologise for the inconvenience you are facing.

We checked your store details and it appears that you are using the inventory feature for about 2 years now. Can you please share with us the issue that you are facing so that our team can assist you with the same?
Our email id for support is qbspsupport@parextech.com.

If required we can do a web call with you.

Parex Support Team

18. April 2020

Used and for some reason my site went down at the same time and decreased in speed. There are also hidden cost of that. I deleted very quickly.

Fitore Nutrition
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Etwa eine stunde mit der App
Parex Technologies Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 29. Juni 2020

Dear Sir,
Our app is a Zero footprint app which means that our app does not interfere with the front-end of your site and hence our app cannot affect the speed. There seems to be some confusion with any other app that you might have installed at the same time.
We have tried to reach out to you on email as well as phone. Please give us one more opportunity to serve you.

23. Januar 2020

Hidding the real price of the app which is between $10 and $30 more than what it shows here considering you pay $30 this app to just transfert your data to the real website which also charge you the same price.

I had to speak to the support for like 1 hour cause he kept avoiding my questions about the real price of the app if you want everything to be working.

Try to be (more) honnest

Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
38 minuten mit der App
Parex Technologies Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 26. Januar 2020

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for trying our app. We tried to reach you both by phone and email but were not able to reach you. We will be happy to assist you with this issue that you are facing.
The issue that you were facing was because QuickBooks did not find a valid company to connect to. The screenshots that you had sent to our support team were all from QuickBooks. When you click on Connect to QuickBooks button, the control is then with QuickBooks for Authorization to your account.
In the first screenshot (https://prnt.sc/qt1w3m) QuickBooks is asking you to create a company because it did not find one with your email account.
In the second screenshot(https://prnt.sc/qt1zxw), you can see that QuickBooks is asking you to select a type of account for the new company.
In the third screenshot(https://prnt.sc/qt1yiv), QuickBooks is asking you to enter the credit card details. All these 3 screenshots are outside the control of the app. You can see the intuit.com (QuickBooks' parent company) in the URL.
Our app only charges through Shopify and never asks you to enter the credit card details anywhere.
If you already have an account with QuickBooks, it might be that the QuickBooks account is with a different email other than the one that you tried to connect our app with.
We will be more than willing to assist you with resolving with this issue if you give us an opportunity.
Thank you. Regards,

14. Mai 2019

app installs but is not usable as you need to select the plan you'd like after your free trial and selecting any of the options produces an error.

previous 5 star reviews seem to be auto created based on the names used. it's list of features seemed impressive if it actually worked.

Kennel Club Gear
7 minuten mit der App
Parex Technologies Pvt Ltd hat geantwortet 25. Juni 2019

Dear Sir,
We tried to reach out to you several times on phone and email.
We have rectified the issue which was causing you error in our app. It was because of a browser incompatibility. I would request you to come reinstall the app and we can assure you that you will be satisfied with the app functioning.
I will personally make sure that it works perfectly.